Looking on the Brightside: ZEIT² Developer Interview

VGW: There is a remarkable story behind Zeit² and its developer Brightside Games. What started out as a student project at a German university has blossomed into a Ubisoft published XBox Live Arcade game. The VideoGameWriters reached out to Thomas Bedenk of Brightside Games, and asked him about what inspired Zeit² as well as what design concepts were implemented in the development.

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Queasy3737d ago

Good interview. Gotta be nice to get the support of a major publisher like that.

dagamdagee3737d ago

These guys are definitely some strong up-and-comers. They've developed a really compelling game, with a strong background of shoot-em up influence.

BShea3737d ago

I had a lot of fun playing through Zeit2. I'm very interested in seeing what these guys bring to the table next.