DC Universe Online PS3/PC Sales Split Almost Even

TSA writes:

"Interestingly, when it comes to the actual sales figures across both platforms, 52% of all sales of the game have been on the PS3. It’s official: console owners do want MMOs and are willing to vote with their wallets/purses accordingly."

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bask_in_glory3736d ago

Wasn't expecting there to be so many PC gamers interested in DCUO.

Brodiesan3736d ago

Really? There were lots interested in City of Heroes ...

zootang3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

I bought the PS3 version, currently level 14. Production values are top notch!

For anyone interested in the Comic, DCUO Legends comes out February 16th

Ryudo3736d ago

Well am still waiting for my friend to be able to start the game, still 80 percent of the users using ATI/AMD graphic cards are not able to play the game.

It's bloody insanity how terrible Sony is treating the PC community.

47 pages for questions from games mostly not being able to play the game, most of the ones that can are finding it to laggy to be called playable.

Why I am able to play the game as it certainly does have polish and is a very promising game, there is no excuse for the support the PC community are getting from the clearly incompetent support team.

The games been out almost 2 weeks now and some people haven't been able to play the entire time why there 30 day free trial is ticking down.

Killzoned3736d ago

i went out to game and gamestation today in the UK, Both sold out so i was pretty pissed yet AGAIN
Shows that there is demand for MMO's on consoles and how awesome DCUO really is

BX813736d ago

I agree! If there is a way to play them, gamers just want games! DCUO is great but I don't think there is a huge market for pay to play on platforms. DCUO did the smart thing and hooked gamers 1st. I think WOW would be the only Pay to play on consoles that would garner a large crowed as well. Well I guess you could pay at your leisure and play them all.

zootang3736d ago

Game still have stock, they have the lions share on this one.

Parapraxis3736d ago

Very positive news for those developers interested in bringing other MMOs to the PS3 platform.

Mr_Bun3736d ago

You should pick'll forget about black ops

Parapraxis3736d ago

LOL, yeah, unfortunately B.Ops is the game all of my friends have. A few of them only recently got PS3's (they all bought headsets as well) I've been waiting years for my boys to get all set up.

You'll be happy to know as soon as KZ3 comes out we'll all probably switch to that. :)

Mr_Bun3736d ago

I'll be on the KZ train

Chris3993733d ago

Are you lvl 30 yet? Hurry up. League instancing starts on Friday! Gogogogo! :)

The initial addiction has waned a bit. It's as bad as WoW was back in the day. Probably gonna pick up some JRPGs next month. Zill O'll for sure.

DA_SHREDDER3736d ago

When are the butt munch media, PR, and devs gonna try a market out before you bash it? Also, it helps when the game is actually good. How many good MMO's are there again? How bout quality games in general? Exactly. Most games have sucked for the past half decade.

Darth_Bane793736d ago

I bought 3 month subscription because I think that's how long is gonna take me to fully explore the whole game. At first I thought that when you hit level cap (30) it was over, but it actually gets much bigger, and plus I wanna complete a character on all 6 mentors. This game is truly something else, I love every minute of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.