Claim Our Dog Tags And Win A Trip To Sweden

PS.Blog EU - MusterBuster, EN Community Team Leader writes:

Hey people, I’m here to announce a very special community event. It’s called: Operation: Dogs of ‘nam! Over the next three weeks we’re challenging you to get out your dog tag collecting skills in a competition on Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam. Taking part we have EA’s very own EA_ActionMan alongside PlayStation Community chaps MusterBuster & Yaster.

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RonXD3737d ago

Shut up and get back to work on perfecting Battlefield 3 DICE.

Mmmkay3737d ago

yes, and never even think about supporting your games after release anymore! we just want a new game at least every year!

RonXD3737d ago

New game every year?

Sorry but this is the sequel to Battlefield 2. SO yeah it's been alot longer than a year since that game was released.

Mmmkay3737d ago

sure, sarcasm may be hard to detect without the /s, but goddammit!

Kon3737d ago

Why not win a trip to Vietnam?

TardcoreGamer3737d ago

Is this a world wide contest or just in the EU? sounds exciting

Mmmkay3737d ago

the link will tell you that.

SwampCroc3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

dude... like come to town everyday and bring the PS3... we can make this happen.

if only it was available for the box of X aswell...

TardcoreGamer3737d ago

haha. I'll have to check out the official rules because it was posted on a European website...might be only regional..I'll check it out though. I imagine that it will be harder than just knifing people a lot because you gotta think..they are gonna be constantly on their guard.
It might even mess up the games if everyone is out for tags. But f*ck it I'm trying to win that shit!

Superted20073736d ago

If only this was for pc :(