Dead Space 2 Isaac Clarke Action Figure Revealed

Set to launch alongside Dead Space 2 this coming Friday, a new action figure depicting the protagonist of the Dead Space franchise has been revealed. Isaac Clarke doesn’t have an easy run of things, and the new bloodstained vision of upgraded Dead Space 2 armour shows just that.

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Joni-Ice4133d ago

I dont like the way he looks. Looks cheap.

mjolliffe4133d ago

Yeah, looks super cheap and nasty. Won't be taking a second look.

Hellsvacancy4133d ago

Really? your one easy mofo to please

Excalibur4133d ago

I bought the first one, I'll pass on this one.

sam22364133d ago

Should've gotten Todd McFarlane to make some figures of Isaac and the Necromorphs. His stuff is awesome.

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