4 sci-fi movies that should be video games

What sci-fi films would be even better if they were put into video game form? Read on and find out!

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pr0digyZA3740d ago

*spoiler alert* if you havn't seen any of those films (skyline deserves to be spoilt though so that you don't see it).

I'm having a hard time seeing D9 as an RPG, but I can definitely see the half life similarities.

HBogard3740d ago

Really? I thought that the faction wars in D9 were very RPG like (or perhaps a bit Stalker-esque).

mushroomwig3740d ago

Skyline really isn't that bad, the story is decent enough and the visuals are amazing considering the budget. The acting lets the movie down though, the only passable actor was the main guy (he was also in 24).

MintBerryCrunch3740d ago

the only good part of that movie was the ending, and then the movie

right when there was a semblance of a story, the movie just cuts to the credits

3740d ago
The Meerkat3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Stargate would be nice.

It could be a mixture of galaxy scale RTS and a close combat FPS.

Jaffa Kree.

FrankMcSpank3740d ago

Stargate done right, like by Bioware, could be just a massive as Mass Effect. The diversity of all the worlds are so astonishing. But it can't follow the show. Let it stand alone, like how KOTOR did.

I would like to see Blade Runner done.

mrv3213740d ago

Variety, no traveling, reasoning behind humanoid creatures etc.

jillthornton3740d ago

Stargate has already had a couple of games.

FrankMcSpank3740d ago

I know, they all sucked bad though.

sonicsidewinder3740d ago

Stargate or Planet of the apes.

Jellzy3740d ago

On another note...

Sci-fi Games that should be turned into films;


Maybe Red faction also. Is RF still getting a mini series on Syfy?

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