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AusGamers has reviewed Dead Space 2 and writes:

"Space, the final frontier... for horror. Dead Space 2 has set a new benchmark for horror, action and even science-fiction; expanding upon the original in every way conceivable. From the intense opening sequence that sees series protagonist, Isaac Clarke, escaping from a mental facility; arms wrapped and held in a straight-jacket while avoiding a seemingly endless outbreak of Necromorphs, Dead Space 2 never lets up. Not for a single minute."

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DenyTheFacts3732d ago

Amazing game!! Can't stop playing itt

AntoineDcoolette3732d ago

Guys, please answer this question, does the review contain any spoilers at all whatsoever? I'd like to read it but want nothing, not even the most minute plot detail spoiled and I already did have one ruined for me >_>

gamer20103732d ago

Sounds great. I can't wait to play it. I am a huge fan of the original.

DenyTheFacts3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Dudes it's like they took all the best things in the original one and made them even better

AllroundGamer3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

true that, finished the game an hour ago, took me about 10 hours on normal difficulty, the audio in this game is superb, both games are such quality as the first two Alien movies :) sadly they removed all the minigames like asteroid shooting, gravity basketball and the shooting range, but it was still fun.

@Eiffel well i waited for some new minigames, not that i would like too see the same minigames in the sequel :)

Eiffel3732d ago

They removed the asteroid mini game? Oh thank god. That part in Dead Space was just too annoying.

no_more_trolling3732d ago

love it too
scary as hell

makes me jump out of my seat a couple times

Rampaged Death3731d ago

Early game of the year contender ?

gamerwiips3603731d ago

Really I don't know Y....

This game is gettin a less attention compared to the other biggies..We all know its really a 'AAA' title after wat we hav witnessed in the 1st Game.

Seems EA has nailed this Genre with DS franchise.

Plse share ur experience widout any spoilers...those who have completed.