Ninja Gaiden 3 will be more accessible

Eurogamer- "Team Ninja's aim with Ninja Gaiden 3 is twofold: to be the number one 3D action game of the time, and secondly, the main character is Ryu Hayabusa. They're the two things we're focusing on," Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi told Eurogamer.

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xino3737d ago

people sceptical about this

because Sigma 1 was so hard many people did not and since haven't purchased Sigma 2.

NG3 will have easy difficulty for newbies and harder difficulty for Master Ninja like me!

Now do you believe NG3 is sick?

wait for GDC!

NeutralGamer3737d ago

NG2 on xbox was hard as hell :D

First time I played it I died 4 times in the first stage right after the first cutscene... LOL!

Istanbull3737d ago

The rocket spamming in NG2 was the single most useless crap i've seen in a videogame. The game was supposed to be fun and enjoyable, I don't know if they fixed it with NGS2 tough.

Yi-Long3737d ago

... had a perfect difficulty, and the camera never bothered me too much TBH.

It was hard but fair, which is always the most important thing when it comes to 'difficulty'.

I'm hoping they won't dumb it all down, and I'm hoping they won't make the same mistake they made with Sigma 2, in that they censored themselfs

m233737d ago

Ninja Gaiden Black on original xbox was a tough game. The first boss was one of the toughest fights I'd had at the time.

Bnet3433737d ago

well it really is a hard game but this is what I feared with NG3, I mean really wtf why do this. No more Itagaki which means you'll have this new guy tinkering with it. *sigh* as a hardcore NG fan, I really hate this. the farthest ive gotten is chapter 7 on Mentor. the first few chapters on mentor are just ridiculously hard.

NG2 is def the hardest game I have ever played. It's actually hard, not like "oh hey you take more damage" its more like "hey we're gonna be turning chapter bosses into regular enemies now" pretty nuts. I just pray NG3 doesnt change the way too much.

gamingdroid3737d ago

This guy has been screwing around with the series in all sort of fashions and frankly, in places it doesn't need to be.

The acolyte difficulty, albeit a little harder than a usual easy in other games perfectly embodies the idea behind NG punishing difficulty. Why remove that?

If anything, the game needs more pointers on how to deal with some of these difficulties instead of dumbing it down.

So far, of what I have heard it is more and more less of what I want in a sequel unfortunately. I was hoping for some fresh GOOD ideas, not some fresh let's tweak things around and screw up the game ideas!

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scofios3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

What ever they do they have to leave the blood on the sigma version this time .

ZombieAssassin3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Doubt they'll have much blood in either version, the reason NG2 had so much blood and gore is because of Itagaki but now we have the guy who did NGS1 & 2 leading on NG3 and I think it was his decision to not have all the gore in NGS2 as he didn't like it or some such BS.

I hope I'm wrong even though the gore was pretty cheesy it I still liked it.

Bnet3433737d ago

IDK what's cheesy about the gore ... it belonged in the game. I didnt play sigma 2, but without blood that really is stupid for him to do that. its like playing gears with no blood, it just doesnt work really. I hope he comes to his sense and brings back the gore and blood and all that jazz.

gamingdroid3737d ago

Seems like Hayashi doesn't understand the legacy of this game.

Everything he has done so far has not improved the games he helped release:

a) In NGS1 he added Rachel, which was the most un-interresting and annoying game mechanic ever. To those that actually did play NGB, would notice that NGS1 actually didn't feel right, because there was a lot of things off with the game from the original.

b) Then in NGS2, Hayashi added more characters, and they significantly improved, but still a bore to play. Instead, he screwed up on the timing of the game mechanics, removed blood (added some crap mist thing) and completely f'ed up the re-balancing of the game.

The two things he did do, was to add a pretty neat in the air Ultimate Move and co-op. I wonder how much of that was his idea though... Oh, the boob jiggling is genius though!

So Hayashi's claim to fame is his boob jiggling feature!!!

nix3737d ago

i finished NGS 2 just by hanging by the thread. i thought the final boss was dead but he lunged back and i probably killed him with .0000000001% of life left. i can never replay NGS2. ever again! but it was a great game. can't wait for NGS 3.

m23453737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

yeah, sigma was tough but i beat all four modes. had to keep practicing and training. i think i master ninja'd everything on master ninja. was not easy. :(

haven't beaten ngs 2 since that glitch where i fell through the floor. it's a great game but that glitch sucked. -.-

"Not easy," Hayashi replied, "but it will enable more people to play. More accessible. We don't plan to have Ninja Gaiden 3 only for the really good, skilled people."

they never said they were making it easier. maybe they'll have a mode for people to get used to the gaming mechanics. if it's a good game, i'm getting it.

Kewl_Kat3737d ago

The only time you don't have that silly sig is on a Ninja Gaiden article?

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

otherZinc3737d ago

Without Tomonobu Itagaki, NG3 will not be the same nor near as good as any Ninja Gaiden on an XBOX console.

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DEADEND3737d ago

I'm looking forward to see what they do with the series.

ZombieAssassin3737d ago

I'm sure the NG fanbase will love that /s

Still I can't wait for this game I just hope they don't screw it up since they're going for the whole reboot angle.

BYE3737d ago

"Now press forward on your analog stick to walk forward!"
"You're doing great!"

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