Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Environments Trailer

TSA writers:

"Our good friends over at Atari just sent us a video showcasing the environments in the upcoming Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime game. A sequel (of sorts) to the main 2009 Ghostbusters game, Sanctum of Slime is developed by Chilean developer Wanako Studios. You might recall their Revenge of the Wounded Dragons game, also from 2009."

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BX813736d ago

Love me some Ghostbusters! This will be a nice little break from all the other games coming out this year. For me It starts with 2morrow. Dead Space 2 and Crysis 2 demo! Bring it on 2011... Well I guess it started already with DC universe.

Figboy3736d ago

I wonder when it comes out. It looks like something me and my wife will have fun playing together. We're currently enjoying Dead Nation.

I wish there were more couch co-op games these days. It's disappointing that the industry is so online obsessed. Some of us DO still socialize with people in person. We aren't all addicted to the internet.

Just yesterday we had a friend come over, and she played Pixel Junk Eden, Dead Nation, and Scott Pilgrim with me and my wife. We had a blast. I even recorded the game play session of Pixel Junk Eden because it was so much fun.

Game developers have to remember that one of the greatest joys of gaming was having a friend or family member come over, and the two of you would sit in front of the TV and spend a whole day beating a game. Me and my cousin used to play Contra on the NES back when we were boys, and we had a blast. With the internet, you just don't get the same feeling of tackling a game with someone in the same room.

This Ghostbusters game looks like a lot of fun. I loved the one from two years ago, so more busting is always welcome!

southernbanana3736d ago

Looks interesting although I would rather see a real sequel to the last Ghostbusters game....

Quagmire3735d ago

Agreed, the first game was ace, one of the better games based on films, with great story, classic characters, and the right amount of humour and action reminiscent of the old films. Dont know why they chose top down, doesnt look as great.