The FRAG: Homefront Multiplayer Preview

Jason from the FRAG writes: "Homefront has been both a blessing and a curse to me. It’s always been tantalisingly close for previews, but I was always unable to attend, for whatever reason. This time, however, it was personal. When I saw the invite in my email, I said to myself, “No. This is happening this time; I’m going to kill some other games writers,” and I did. Here’s how it all went down."

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BI0RAPTOR3731d ago

Homefront I never gave much thought on,although as the date comes closer and the screen shots & teasers come out?.
It as caught my attention this may be a lot of fun to play?.
I may see you on the Homefront?(see what I did there?Or forget it).

Phenix_Rising3731d ago

To me this game looks like a very heavily updated version of Frontlines Fuel of War. IMO that's not a bad thing because I love Frontlines and I still play it :)

DingDangDoo3731d ago

Im going to give this one a miss, As i thought Frontlines Fuel Of War was rubbish.


If it is like bad company ...I'm there