Call of Duty: Create A Map?

The Call of Duty series games always come with a handful of maps that you can play for online battle. They are fun for a while and then they get old very quick. So, what if you were able to make your own maps and name them yourself? Then you could post them so that others could make them playable maps for online play.

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perdie3352d ago

Yeah except no one would buy map packs or at least not as much since you can just make maps similar.

And we all know Activision is not willing to lose money with ANYTHING so this would NEVER happen, unless the call of duty franchise somehow went to a different publisher

Pandamobile3352d ago

As soon as Activision started charging for map packs, we stopped getting map tools.

Treyarch has promised tools for BLOPS but they've yet to materialize.

Dramscus3352d ago

Because it's activision they would probably charge you a monthly fee to access a user created maps service.

imvix3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )


Think they made us promises just to get in a good light after the debacle with Infinity Ward giving PC gamers no dedicated servers.

Lol just stick with TF2.

COD MW, WaW, MW2, Blackops are all the same game, with new maps and minor gameplay tweaks at best.

TF2 as shooter offers everything shooter fans(specially on console) dream of getting:

Dedicated Servers,
Community mods,
Developer support (you dont have to run out spend 60usd +dlc every year).
Works great even on old machines.

Jezuz3352d ago

i prefer half life. Playing with my friends on crossfire and using the bomb or something at the back of the map. Ahhhh the memories

imvix3352d ago


Lol that map was awesome, we used to play that along time back.

Its just one of the benefits of PC gaming, almost unlimited BC.

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Jordanemery3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

I noted ways that they could still make money. Trust me, they could still make features and ideas that would catch peoples eyes that would only be unique in their own maps. People will always buy them. They aren't stupid. If they create maps, they will make the very "wanting" by gamers.

For example, in the new map pack the Treyarch is putting out, it includes exploding bridges, auto turrets that shoot anyone and ziplines. If you don't buy the map packs, then you would never get those features in your map building tools.

TurismoGTR3352d ago

People still play Black Ops?

sobekflakmonkey3352d ago

well look at games like Timesplitters, it had a map creator, although basic it got the job done and was extremely fun to play around with, if they did the same sort of thing, they could still bring out map packs, because the maps they create are done with a higher level of fidelity and would still be worth the money...not that they are worth the money now....

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retrofly3352d ago

You mean like farcry 2?

MyLeadYourHead563352d ago

Activision is way too money hungry to allow that to happen

tdrules3352d ago

You mean like every FPS on PC before XBL/PSN?