Why the Green Lantern Tie-In Should Be the Best Game Ever

In all likelihood, the tie-in game for the Green Lantern movie will not be good. Publishers tend to prefer cashing in on the movie’s success over putting out an inherently good product. However, there are exceptions where the licenses contribute to making a good game, such as with the N64 Goldeneye or Dark Knight spiritual successor Batman: Arkham Asylum. If this is the case with Warner Bros. Interactive’s upcoming “Green Lantern: Rise of The Manhunters “ game, then the mixture of the source material and the stellar game design will give us one of the greatest titles any console has seen.

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R2D23736d ago

Aqua man would make a better game because the deep water genre has not really been done much.

thats_just_prime3736d ago

I think someone its just wishful thinking on someone part that it be good. The movie looks to be one of the worse superhero movies sinces batman and robin. Why would the game be any good

dragonyght3736d ago

unless its a big budget title its gonna an automatic fail

Lamarthedancer3736d ago

The only tie in game I will ever like is Toy Story 2 for the PS1.....that shit was awesome

Shang-Long3736d ago

ok it was reviewed bably. i really did enjoy batman begins on the ps2 n xbox. i was at a soccer tournament and in between games i had like 5 of my teammates playing

spektical3736d ago

dont see it.. has there ever been a really well done video game tie in?

avatar was average.

Lamarthedancer3736d ago

If you stripped away the "amazing" 3D effects even the film was average

DaBadGuy3736d ago

Aladdin on SNES and Genesis.

bronxsta3736d ago

I though X-Men Origins Wolverine was pretty fun.
Most people always talk about Spiderman 2 the movie game as the best movie tie-in.

Besides that...not much.

I wish developers decided to make games based on comics and not wait for a movie or tv show to be released. Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Arkham Asylum, and Shatter Dimensions are imo the best superhero games and that's because they're based on the comics and not shoehorned to fit in with a film.

Legionaire20053736d ago

ahhh Goldeneye, Chronicles of Riddick, and Spiderman 2 Open World game.

ReservoirDog3163736d ago

LotR2 and Spiderman 2 on the PS2. Those were ridiculously good.

Eiffel3736d ago

Xmen Origins: Wolverine. A more recent one.

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Wardog13683736d ago

This just won't happen. Good ideas from the author though.

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