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Stephanie and her Lady Gaga Sackgirl set out to play LBP2 and find out if this game can still be fun and lasting to those who aren't into the creative tools in LittleBigPlanet.

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ShadowPraxis3732d ago

I ALMOST bought this over the weekend. Almost.

Too much other stuff to play to get myself sucked in though.

JoySticksFTW3732d ago

As good as LBP was, LBP2 kills the first game

I cannot believe the game variety MM stuffed in this game

LBP2 is the type of game journalists should review twice... once at launch and then 5 to 6 months later when the LBP community really begin to exploit all of the new tools and varied game mechanics.

I was never the type of gamer to b!tch about a 8.5 as a "poor" score, and I'm not about to start here. But LBP2 is like nothing I've ever seen

It would be like if Ninty gave you the tools to Mario, Zelda, and Metroid and said "Hey kid, think you could make a good game with these? Go nuts".

If LBP2 isn't an "insta-classic" already, the amazing games that the community comes up with will push this game to legendary status.

MGRogue20173732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )


I'm sure it's a great game.. but I've got Test Drive Unlimited 2 to look forward to. :)

FrankMcSpank3731d ago

Priority #1 would be to buy a PS3 dude.

Shazz3732d ago

lbp2 is just astounding to say the least , sat for 4 hrs straight playing the online created levels and i could not believe some of the things i was playing, if im honest the created games puts some of the store games to shame

TardcoreGamer3732d ago

Poor Review. This game is a 10 for sure. 8.5 is a slap in the face for a game of this caliber.
No other game is as appealing to a wider audience than LBP2.
Graphics are fantastic.
Controls have been expanded further than the last game.
It's +3,000,000 community levels from the first game are playable.
There is an actual story this time with human voice overs.
You really couldn't improve this game any further meaning....10
8.5 games are ones that need improvement. this game needs none.

Bathyj3732d ago

Yeah, I couldnt care less what some jaded hack thinks of this, its a GotY nominee already and was always a day one purchace.

Any score less than a 9 says more about the reviewer than the game.

TardcoreGamer3732d ago

Agree. GOTY contender for sure. Funny thing is that I'm not even a huge platformer fan but this game is in a league of its own.

Bathyj3732d ago

Hardly anyones a platformer fan nowdays because platforms have hardly evolved.

The only ones I seem to get into now are physics based, theres so much room for gameplay innovation.

I just played that level where the gun shoots cakes. There was a bridge up that I couldnt reach but I shot a cake at it, it stuck, and the weight of the cake dragged the bridge down and I ran across.

There just so much potential in ideas like that.

Bathyj3732d ago

I went to start making a level, and I honestly didnt know where to start.

My advice, start with a pencil and a piece of paper.

clrlite3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

If you think the part with the cake is impressive, wait until you see what comes next with the tubes and the sackbots. It was pretty mind-blowing.
Just the single player of this game alone warrants a score higher than a 9 IMO. I couldn't believe how good some parts were and it just keeps getting better and better.
The single player was made mainly from the creation tools available on the Bluray, so expect user created levels 6 months from now to be even more stunning.

Edit: BTW, the SP is an artistic masterpiece.

Optical_Matrix3732d ago

This game rapes LBP1 on such a scale. Even though LBP was brilliant, LBP2 imo, is just leeps and bounds better. I'm not even half way into the story, haven't even touched the creation tools, but the amount of variety crammed into the game is phenomenal so far. God knows how much better it will get.

It also feels more like a game this time. Funny what voice overs, cutscenes and better thought out level design and boss battles can do. Feels like such a complete package. Wont touch creation until I've clocked the story. Loving this game. What a fantastic start to the gaming year.

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