NXT Gamer: Nail'd Review

NXT Gamer's Mike reviews Techland's upcoming racer, Nail'd...

"Nail’d is one of the first releases to hit us this year, assuming you’re in Europe, if not then you’ve had it since November so this review is probably a little irrelevant. But anyway, Nail’d is an arcade off-road racing game featuring MX and ATV vehicles, the game focuses on adrenalin filled speed and over the top stunts, somewhat similar to Blackrock Studio’s 2008 title, Pure. However, where Pure innovated and pushed boundaries, Nail’d simply sits back and wallows in its PS2-era gameplay."

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Kon3736d ago

8/10 for me. The game was fun, don't know why the low scores

CrzyFooL3736d ago

I'd say like 6.5/10 - no lasting appeal - belongs in the arcades on a Bike

SasanovaS19873736d ago

"naild blowsssss motorstorm out the wateerrrrrrr" lolol someone remind me which imbecile of a site said that, i forgot. need to put it on ignore list

CrzyFooL3735d ago

I think it was :-p

Joni-Ice3736d ago

Damn I guess they didnt Nail it.