Street Fighter Producer Denied 3DS Pre-Order!

When 3DS preorders kicked off throughout Japan on the 20th, Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono was in Europe promoting 3D Edition at a Nintendo event.

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Stunt3738d ago

I'd just call up Nintendo and be like: "Hey. Gimme a 3DS."

greeneggsnsam3738d ago

He should have busted a Hadouken towards Nintendo HQ to get one.

CrzyFooL3738d ago

I'm sure he'll be able to get one lol. I bet Harada will get one. :-p

Hitman07693738d ago

lol who wants to be that he just said this for hype?

CrzyFooL3738d ago

Seriously - if Ono can't get a 3DS we are all fucked.

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