Top Ten Videogame Characters

The popular Sunday Special feature here at Electronic Theatre is doing things a little differently today, thanks to the Guinness World Records. To help celebrate the launch of the Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer’s Edition, Electronic Theatre brings you the results of a poll conducted by Guinness World Records to find the Best Videogame Character of All Time.

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Sneak-Out3736d ago

Nice, Kratos is the King

Dark_Charizard3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Mario and Link at #1 and #2 were obvious choices. However I do think that the list is incomplete without Ryu(or Ken), Samus Aran, Simon(or Richter) Belmont and Donkey Kong.

Sonic should definitely have been placed higher and Master Chief above Solid Snake is blasphemy!

Anyway, it's someone's opinion. How can it be wrong?

digitalivan3736d ago

"Ryu(or Ken), Samus Aran, Simon(or Richter) Belmont"
Are you kidding? I had to google them before I realized who they are.

antz11043736d ago

@ Above, what rock do you live under?

Thought Sephiroth was more memorable than Cloud.

Etseix3736d ago

No Duke? yeah hes been missing for 10+ years but cmon, he needs a place in here... unless this list is made by kids who only plays mario, halo, zelda, games :/

mathsman3736d ago

Mario & Link? Surprise =0.

trains3736d ago

John Marston
Brucie Kibbutz
Lance Vance
Nathan Drake
Blowjob gal from Gay Tony

tablav3736d ago

Fan of Rockstar perhaps?

"This is the last dance for Lance Vance!!!!"

trains3736d ago

well rockstar characters have personality's that other developers have trouble beating :P

x5exotic3736d ago

they all sounds the same,,,rockstar characters that is.
except CJ is the coolest

Etseix3736d ago

agree, IMO San Andreas had the best "dialog" from all GTA's (imo)

Laeto2563736d ago

you cant have cloud without sephiroth, and cant have sephiroth without cloud. the 2 are so interconnected both as characters and fame.

ryan_s3736d ago

what about zack cloud is connected more to zack than to sephiroth

Laeto2563736d ago

after crisis core, but in the original their connection wasn't shown as much. but yeah zack is there too but then if you count zach you have to bring in angeal and genesis it's a big clusterf**** with these SOLDIER's lol

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The story is too old to be commented.