Halo in the Classroom

Many people have noticed that Dance Dance Revolution and the Wii systems have made there way into many schools Physical Education programs. I think that this is great, being a P.E. teacher myself, but is there a place for shooters such as Halo and Call of Duty in the classrooms? I believe that there is, and I will explain.

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xXRukasuXx3692d ago

Meh, I guess that could work?

Spitfire_Riggz3692d ago

At my school we play super smash bros everyday and host regular tournaments. I think the way to get call of duty and halo in is a simple parent signiture

RBlaze3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

The article actually says 'are sports for every child?'. I stopped reading when I saw that! I am fairly sure that having a game like Halo in school wouldn't improve children! If anyhing, they would get less work done, and the tiny bit of exercise they get through the day would be replaced with playing a game?!

Kids don't get enough exercise as it is! It's terrible they replace proper sports with wii (I didn't even know anywhere did that!). Kids who don't play sport at a young age rarely grow up and suddenly play them! Is it really a good idea to influence that further?!

dktxx23692d ago

There are better ways to learn teamwork and problem solving.

Schools should teach kids things that will be useful in life, not halo strategies.

Thats not to say videogames and school should never meet, but not during actual class time (unless its like a design course). There are just so many better ways to spend time. Like running and playing games, I mean have you seen our kids today?

guzman3692d ago

Yes, I'm embarrased by crap articles like this one.

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