Get Real or Get lost #1

Touching on this whole Activison shutting down the ps3 servers.

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AtomicGerbil3733d ago

I wouldn't rule out any eventuality with Activision, the only thing you can rely on is that they will release CoD every November using the same servers and matchmaking system that continues to be extremely problematic.

They've made an obscene amount of money off CoD, it wouldn't hurt them to have 1 or 2 years off for a new engine and to freshen things up properly. As it is they are delivering unfinished products that have the same faults as previous titles which eventually is going to push away even the hardest of fanboy.

KaiokenKid3733d ago

They already said that quote was taken out of context and they arent shutting down servers.

Op243733d ago

Why did this get approved? Jeez

KaiokenKid3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Its, thats why. And these guys who did this podcast or whatever clearly dont read on current news or Twitter. Follow Dan Amrich on twitter to get most of the low down on wether or not things said about activision are actualy happening.

16BitMonster3733d ago

i am sure they have already announced that they wont shut them down but my article was based on common sense. something alot of gaming sites lack.

Bonerboy3733d ago

When it comes to anything PS3 kids, Everything is a conspiracy set to sabotage the mighty ps3 from achieving world domination. Be it MS or some random review site, someone/thing is to blame for every game not reaching perfect 10's. "Dont you know that MS paid off Activision to..."