Dead to Rights: Retribution for Xbox 360 only $14.14 at Amazon

Conflicting Gamers - "If you were like me, you LOVED the first Dead to Rights on the original Xbox (which you can pick up for $2.99 by the way). I have yet to try the sequel, but this is the deal that might get me to bite on it! For a limited time, (and I say limited, because this game is sold by a 3rd party, and quantities are limited) you can pick up a copy of Dead to Rights: Retribution for the Xbox 360 for only $14.14 + shipping! The PS3 version is only $21.47, still a great deal!"

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Hitman07692853d ago

That's a hot deal, Dead to Rights used to be good, I wonder how this one is.

fromasterjay2853d ago

I was wondering the same thing...

watchyourback2853d ago

I dug it...definitely worth $14...

Blaze9292853d ago

I enjoyed the game. Wasn't anything spectacular but it was still fun.

Jezuz2853d ago

is this for us only?!

vgcgames2853d ago

not an amazing game but good for the price

Legion2853d ago

The first game was awful. and I wouldn't imagine the second game being worth even this price. Game reminds me of a bad version of Punisher, but with a dog companion. Sorry... wouldn't play this game if it was free.

OhMyGandhi2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Oddly enough, I had a ton of fun with this game. I hated the original. But I rented this and beat it some time ago, and really enjoyed the level design. It was nice to play a game without an enormous budget. you could consider this game "B" rated by most people. But that's exactly what made it fun.

Graphics were nice and crisp. particle effects looked great, such as the rain and such. the world looked neat, and the guns felt nice and powerful. The camera behaved like it should, and there weren't any "cheap" deaths as you see in so many games.

(off topic: I just beat Jak II for the first time last night, trying to get through the entire series. Played the first one, liked it alot, and decided to go through the trilogy. THAT game had WAY too many cheap deaths, a camera system that sucked, and horrible spawning system, yet it was received rather well. go figure.)

That's really where the game shines. Shooting people. that feeling when you take down the first enemy, it nails the physics, the gun sound and the recoil well.

I had alot of fun with Shadow (the dog) as well.

Fun game, with the only drawback being that it's a tad short.