Everything We Learned About The Nintendo 3DS This Week

From Ripten:

Did you sleep in all week? Miss out on all the awesome Nintendo 3DS information that exploded onto the interwebs? Well, fear not – We’ve rounded it all up for ya!

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jaredhart3737d ago

Still not decided on it.

Hitman07693737d ago

My god I want one, 3D photography is the icing on the cake for me.


im with jaredhart on this one, still not decided on it. ill just lay back and make it WOW ME

CrzyFooL3737d ago

That's what I said about my ex girlfriend . . .it never happened.

heroicjanitor3737d ago

Probably because she's your ex.

UniqueS07123737d ago

I pre-ordered my 3DS yesterday. I'm fine with the system as it is, the battery life seems right. My only concern is the ability to voice chat online?! For example, a game like Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory wasn't confirmed to have voice chat online, thats major in Spies VS Mercenaries. In fact, I don't even think teamwork is possible without voice communication. I hope there isn't any uncommunicative message displaying to counteract voice. That's not what made Splinter Cell online what it is today. Get voice chatting in those "console" experiences on the go.

UniqueS07123737d ago

I remember back in Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow on Xbox, when a Spy grabbed a Mercenary, you could talk to them before you snapped their neck.. which was genius for the competition. Removing a feature like that would be crazy!

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