New Test Drive Unlimited pics from IGN

This game just keeps looking better and better.

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Shadow Flare5379d ago

this games on ps2 aswell fanboy

Jay da 2KBalla5379d ago

the pics are from the 360 version dumbass.

Shadow Flare5379d ago

if the pics are from the 360 version, then why is this article listed as 360, gaming and PC?

If you put PC on it, then put ps2 on it aswell


Jay da 2KBalla5379d ago

Dumbass atari said the pc and 360 versions will be identical.

Gamer135378d ago

I like driving fast on open roads, just like how i drive my car in real life, ill buy this game on its release date or later in the month.

Yo Wassap5378d ago (Edited 5378d ago )

hope that the driving is made better than the demo, the models look good even if there are a few big jaggies here and there on the environments and characters.

PS remind me never to hitch a ride with you gamer13 lol

Gamer135378d ago

What you talking Biitch.