Moon Diver official trailer hits the web

Square Enix’s new Xbox Live Arcade and PSN download title Moon Driver gets a new gameplay trailer. The fresh footage shows some of the game’s main elements all packed with fast-paced moves, ninjas performing flashy combos and acrobatic action in dreadfully slick and sharp 2.5D side-scrolling visuals.

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xino3733d ago

anyone getting this game?
loyalist have bills to pay so they are def getting this!

feels like next gen contra

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

SasanovaS19873733d ago

looks Fkinnnn sickkkkk reminds me of that old anime with those 4 knights all different colors

thereapersson3733d ago

It's nice to see SquEnix doing something besides RPG's this gen. They were pretty adventurous the last couple generations, but I haven't seen anything other than a traditional JRPG from them since. I miss the days where they made games like Einhander, Ehrgeiz, and Brave Fencer Musashi.

guzman3733d ago

Old trailer. Still, the guy that did Strider did this, so day 1.

Deathstroke3733d ago

I'll probably get it. It looks like a mix of Strider & Castlevania.

Nakiro3732d ago

Strider from top to bottom.