CVG: Resistance 3: Dissected

Trailer Analysis: 32 screenshots from the VGA traile

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pxpxp3934d ago

Apparently the author doesnt know that the "white beard guy" is Dr. Malakov from R2. I wonder if he finally developed the cure or some shot to give Capeli chimera-like qualities. Anyways, this game is gonna great!

velocitygamer3934d ago

I was thinking the same thing about the author...he probably hasn't played R2.

I like the fact that they've mixed R2's colour palette with R: FoM's colour palette. The game will possibly be a contender of 2011 :)

pxpxp3934d ago

Yeah it looks like they are getting the best things from both games and combining them. Good to know they listen to feedback from the fans.