Developers, Sony Still Lagging Behind on Motion Control?

So after a long blackout of information on PlayStation 3, a select group of journalists went over to Sega's office yesterday to play launch title Full Auto 2: Battlelines on actual real living breathing PS3 development stations (you can see a video, including shots of the controller and on-screen menu bar, at Gamevideos).

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TheMART5380d ago

So we all knew I guess because only Warhawk use it in all the games that have been announced. But still if one reads this, can't help to laugh about Sony's last minute descision to put it in because of loss of rumble they had to do something.

"There was plenty of speculation after Sony's E3 conference that the motion-sensing functionality was jammed into the controller at the last minute as a reaction to Nintendo's strategy. This was backed up by the Warhawk developers' offhand remarks that they'd implemented motion sensing "in just a couple weeks" Not to mention that Warhawk was the only title on the floor with motion control. Not to mention the fact that apparently the first many game developers had even heard of the functionality was right there at that press conference."

And it explains the strange and bad way it was presented, just as two 10 year old talking about their hobby of stamp collection

ACE5380d ago

it shows how fony chucked it in at the last min ,, so they did copy nintedo and ms on many things related to the ps2.1

kingboy5380d ago

just watch soon, i smell a change in that controller.motion sensors and rumble might be added before launch. wait and see...

wakkiwakko5380d ago

They can't add a rumble feature. They've been blacklisted when it comes to adding force feedback. :P

Don't expect FF in any first party ps3 controllers. Third party you can expect a lot. :P

5380d ago
bohemian 235380d ago

Full Auto 2 is a system seller for sure. I wish I could play it on my 360 but i'll be busy. You know playing gears of war,Forza 2 and Halo 3.

zypher5380d ago

gears of war? sure, me too. but i'll also be busy with Resistance, Heavenly Sword and Fatal Inertia. but tell me, how are you gonna be busy with Halo 3 and Forza 2 when those games don't come out until well into 2007?

General5380d ago (Edited 5380d ago )

And yeah, By then MGS4 Will have came out and will be fu(king awesome!

specialguest5380d ago

motion sensing capability to me is more gimicky than essential for the PS3. that's just my opinion. just because it's there doesn't mean it has to be used. on the plus side, at least it's better than nothing right?

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The story is too old to be commented.