Battlefield 3 Ultimate Wishlist - Guide to Perfection

I have been a huge Battlefield fan since the series first launched on PC. Sadly, so many console players have never played the earlier games in the series so they have no idea just how great the games were before the Bad Company titles.. Thankfully, Battlefield is moving back towards its roots and steering away from Bad Company.

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xxxAnubisxxx2919d ago

Battlefield really needs to make a stand with this game.... better be good to keep its fans happy.

lil Titan2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

i really wish i didnt listen to that guy at gamestop, he lied to me saying battlefield badcompany 2 was not better than COD black ops. months later i buy BFBC2 and im blown away from the gameplay. COD black ops do not deserve the sale numbers it got. i agree with this guy in the vid i searched to see BF2 gameplay and never have i been able on a console game online been able to play on such maps where i can fly a JET! never was a battlefield fan but they made me one with [email protected] look forward to BF3 i know its going to be crazy

gcolley2918d ago

so what you are saying is you believe sales people... hope you learned you lesson.

SixZeroFour2918d ago

sales ppl are like reviewers...they only give THEIR opinion on games, not facts...i like to hear what they say about things, but ultimately I make my own decisions

Op242919d ago

haha the Windows Phone add. Should say PLEASE HACK ME all over it.

DBLDeathDealer2918d ago

that is funny....pleas hack me.

I am stoked and can only hope this game is amazing....


drewboy7042918d ago

I like the Bad Companies, 2 was amazing IMO, vietnam was a good edition also. the Campaign blew me away though. Not entirely sure why but it blew me away. Battlefield 3 shall beat whatever COD comes out hands down

LunaticBrandon2918d ago

I'm praying BF3 has no campaign.

Wenis2918d ago

If it were PC only that may be the case but since its a console game too its pretty much guaranteed to have a campaign

Pandamobile2918d ago

But Battlefield doesn't have any sort of story line. DICE better not be wasting their time on some lame ass campaign.

Battlefield has always been multiplayer only.

gcolley2918d ago

especially if it is as bad as the linear rubbish they called bad company 2. you can still have a decent story that has nothing to do with the MP. more sales as it gives everyone a reason to buy it. i quite enjoyed the BF2 xbox campaign and didn't even mind the character swapping in it.

if it is done right (bad company 1 for example) it is just a big sandpit to mess around and/or practice in.

Superted20072918d ago

The game was all about the multiplayer but I enjoyed BF BC 2 campaign more than Black Ops. They both felt like nice optional extras I could breeze through in 4 hours or so each and while there was no meat to them they were a fun distraction. Considering the Developers generally cheap out on singleplayer modes these days it was nice to have something to do while servers were acting up or my internet was down

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Pandamobile2918d ago

Battlefield 3 NEEDS a good recording tool.

I hate having to verbally explain this crazy kill I got that involves a helicopter, C4 and a large house or something.

An improved BattleRecorder from BF2 would be awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.