Yarnton: No official 3DS bundles planned for launch

Nintendo's UK boss David Yarnoton has confirmed to that the company has no plants to have any 3DS hardware bundles when it launches on March 25th in Europe while it launched on the 27th in the US.

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Hitman07692863d ago

Oh well no free game, I probably wouldn't have liked what they offered anyway.

shepowy2863d ago

Well i guess if the games you get built into the 3DS are decent enough there's no need to have any bundles, there'll still probably be some later down the line though.

Dark_Charizard2863d ago

I had my fingers crossed for Ocarina.

dkblackhawk502863d ago

Would have bought that on teh first day!

curtis3942863d ago

That's quite surprising if you ask me :/
Why not just do a bundle, makes people happy?

Valay2863d ago

Not surprised by this at all!

Rob9462862d ago

270euro and they wont even give me a free game cmon nintendo seriously