Outrun: PS3 vs Commodore 64 Comparison

Play-mag: These 720p, raw screenshots, taken from the PS3 and Commodore 64 retail code of Outrun, show that there are little or no differences between the versions. But hey, don’t let us tell you what’s what, click on the screens and make up your own minds...

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Feckles2828d ago

Lame, everyone knows that the ZX Spectrum version is the best.

TimmyShire2828d ago

It's just so green! Fail version is fail.


prefer the pixelated version the ps3 version lacks the nostalgia

and why is the ps3s ferrari NOT A DROP TOP? i like to see the girlfriend sitting in the passenger seat

DoomeDx2828d ago

I barely notice a diffrence

the_best_player2828d ago

@Outrun: PS3 vs Commodore 64 Comparison

you got to be joking

TimmyShire2828d ago

People are just far too obsessed by graphics these days. Okay, so the PS3 has a little better anti-aliasing and a map, but unless they're side by side you would never notice the minor differences between the two.

I'll be playing it on my Commodore 64 and I'll enjoy it. That's all the matters.

popup2828d ago

Yeah, typical lazy C64 port. The devs need to learn how to get the most out of the VIC-II graphics chip - lame.

At least the sound will be better. Oh, it's by Jas C Brookes, maybe not ;(

TimmyShire2828d ago

No it doesn't!


GodofSackboy2828d ago

You copied rage off me when I randomly attacked some guy a couple of weeks back.

OT: IDK, PS3 has some better AA, C64 has got the superior lighting...looks like a bad C64 port to the PS3.

George Sears2828d ago

I barely notice any difference. Another comparison just for hits. *sigh*

jerethdagryphon2828d ago

this was funny made me laugh :)

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