schlanz4935d ago

Can't wait for Shooter 2.

PixelJunk rules.

LiL T4935d ago

Love Pixel junk games. Great fun and good music that just fits the games properly. I go Eden/encore, Monsters/deluxe/encore and I just picked up Shooter (gotta stop shooting workers LOL). I tried PJ Racer but wasn't for me. I highly recomend these games especially if you got kids/cousins/nefew/neices.

GodsHand4935d ago

Yeah, gotta love the music for these games. I myself did not really care for Racers either, but I still picked it up to support the team at continuing making great games.

DORMIN4935d ago

Absolutely LOVE PixelJunk games. I hope their games sell tons and they continue to do what they love!


PixelJunk Eden 2 Review | Goomba STomp | A Well-Designed Treat for the Senses

PixelJunk Eden 2 manages the perfect balance between engaging gameplay and a relaxing, entrancing audiovisual experience.

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2638d ago
2638d ago

PixelJunk Monsters Coming to Wii U Tomorrow

Twinfinite writes:

Nintendo has just revealed on their website that PixelJunk Monsters will be coming to the Wii U via the eShop tomorrow.

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Skate-AK2987d ago

Wow that is unexpected for such an old, but good game. First time the game has been on a console that wasn't Sony.