Is Halo Really That Amazing?

Casually Hardcore looks back at the original Halo. It’s been nearly 9 years and 4 sequels since Halo first launched. With the launch of Halo Reach everyone has been going on about how it’s a return to form, a lot like the original Halo and just as good if not better. But was Halo *really* that good to begin with?

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DoomeDx2926d ago

Halo: Combat Evolved for PC, was great online! Great modding tools to.

Halo 2 was cool.
After that, it went downhill.

ArtsyGamer2926d ago

The original Halo was the only one with a competent storyline.

poe2926d ago

When the flood comes the first time, thats when I knew Halo CE was a great game.

ComboBreaker2926d ago

Well, if you really have to to ask, then the answer is clearly no.

FrankMcSpank2926d ago

The first Halo was amazing. It did so many new things and brought the console FPS into a new age. Halo 2 was ok, but the MP took it up a notch. Halo 3 wasn't great at all, ODST was really cool but the game didn't warrant a $60 tag. Reach is really good. It's second best to Combat Evolved's story and gameplay, and the best Halo MP around. Forge is solid as well. It was a series that I personally found going south, but REACH went out with a bang. Oh, Halo Wars was lame.

Pixel_Enemy2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I haven't played any of the Halo series but Reach and I was not impressed with it. At all.. I am a multi console owner but Killzone is my game. Hate me, disagree with me, call me a fanboy but it's my honest opinion.

I am a graphic whore. Halo was never much in that department

lil Titan2926d ago

the first was the best, the others where _____. you fill in the blank

no_more_trolling2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

"where" were they?

King_of _the_Casuals2926d ago

Who called Captain Hindsight to write about video-games??? Halo was AMAZING for it's day for various reasons. Quit trying to rewrite history!

presto7172926d ago

I dont know. My friend got Reach. When we play online its fun. I love the jetpack and armor lock.

meetajhu2926d ago

The original Halo was gr8. Later all where a turd covered by ice cream

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Thrillhouse2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I don't care about H1's single player, but the multiplayer was my favourite competitive console shooter of all time. The only other console game that rivals it in terms of skillgap would be Shadowrun, in my opinion.

There were so many factors that seperated veterans from noobs.

Influencing your teammates spawn by where you stand or jump was an incredible aspect that veteran players would have over noobs, and learning all of the spawns takes ages.

The guns are actually hard to be consistently good at, because they didn't hold your hand with insane bullet magnetism. Every weapon (besides the needler, :P) was useful in it's given situation, with the pistol being the perfect utility starting weapon.

Powerups and weapons being on quick and constant respawn timers led every item to become a miniature objective, quickening the pace of the game.

The map design was incredible, and overall no other Halo came has beaten it (this is also due to H1's engine and sandbox, as nearly any map would work with it).

It's pretty much a slowed down Quake 3 arena, the perfect pace for consoles. A person I know said H1 is what would happen if chess and air hockey had a baby :P

That's just a short version of why I love the multiplayer of CE, and why I think it's still one of the best console multiplayer games ever.

Sorry for the novel ;P

DoomeDx2926d ago

Why do you reply this to me? Its not about my comment at all!

Masamori Sumimura2926d ago

Halo is really great but do you expect the answers to be when most of the members of this website are sony fanboys? they wont be saying yes its great. so next.

DoomeDx2926d ago

I am sony fanboy, but atleast i have an opinion which is not all about negativity on microsoft

lelo2play2926d ago

Simple answer...

NO... if you are a Sony fanboy.
YES... if you are a MS fanboy.

Blaze9292926d ago

Halo: Combat Evolved was and still in genius and the best Halo in the series.

Everything after that was pretty much only about the multipayer because people didn't give a rats ass about the campaign since Halo 2 and onwards it sucked.

As far as gameplay goes, yeah it is that amazing.

Vherostar2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Halo was only as good as the service behind it. As a game it was never anything that stood out but it was more of an outlet to show what Xbox live and Xbox itself could do. That's why it was popular it became a cult hit from the get go as it brought something to consoles which had only been done on the high end PC gaming market. That was a massive attraction for it.. People got the feel of playing a high end PC game with online through there HUGE TV's it was new and felt great.
Since Halo CE the game quality has improved however the core game has never had the same pull as people have moved on from that now as online gaming and HD gaming are now the norm and Halo is nothing new however the first game did so well just the name alone makes people want to go out and buy the next game. So for that reason it was that amazing yes. As for anything after it well... It's all downhill really..

You can disagree and say they were better games and I won't disagree with that they might be but that original feeling you got when playing Halo you will never get with playing the other and for that reason they are just another FPS in an over inflated market living off the great name of the first game.

otherZinc2926d ago

Halo, is the One Game, that truly started a console. Along with Mario & Sonic.

No other game can say this at all!

As far as story goes: all the Halo books make the New York's Best Sellers Lists, with exception of 1 book, I think?

No other game can say that. That's for the haters that suggest the story in the Halo series isn't one of the best in gaming & the best story in the history of FPS, period!

So, hate on haters.

Muffins12232926d ago

halo 2,3,and reach where great,1 and odst sucked ass

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Acquiescence2926d ago

you can't argue with that!

SixZeroFour2926d ago

true...hard to argue against a statement without an actual argument behind it

theonlylolking2926d ago

Its a good game but its not near amazing. There are many FPS out now that are better. Last gen halo was amazing but now FPS is so big that halo aint amazing anymore.

dannybohy2926d ago

erm no. UT was always a far better game! just a pity about UT3!!

Jdoki2926d ago

I'm not a fan of Halo, but it's hard not to see the good stuff Bungie did

Halo CE was a great single player game. It was the first game since GoldenEye that really felt right on a console controller. The story was interesting and intriguing. I loved the way the Flood was introduced later on (although some of the repetitive levels later in the game were annoying). It was fun from start to finish and is rightly regarded as a classic. I would happily play an HD remake.

Unfortunately since then the single player element of Halo has really gone downhill. I really disliked Halo 2 single player - the story telling was just poor and boring, but the online was fun for those who liked it, and the tools / community it introduced had not been seen on a console before.

Halo 3 once again raised the bar for online. I still dislike Halo multiplayer, but I'm not going to knock the millions of people who do like it (to each their own!!) Only a fool would criticise multiplayer when it introduced full match replays (another first for a console iirc), and really made a tight community (even if it is overrun by prepubescent homophobic racists at times).

So all in all - although Halo isn't for me - it is a great game series for those who like it, and Bungie did some excellent and ground breaking (for a console) work on community, match making, and making an FPS feel 'right' on a console.