2010's biggest disappointment - Aliens vs Predator

Aliens and the first Predator movie stand as two of my favourite movies of all time. As a B movie on an epic scale, the original Predator has few peers and Aliens, James Cameron’s sequel to the equally fantastic Alien might just be the perfect action movie - both films share unforgettable locations, a great cast of memorable characters and arguably the two most iconic movie monsters of the past 50 years.

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ger1012883d ago

I thought the game was pretty good. To each their own, I suppose.

Having said that though, the Marine campaign on Nightmare Mode is beyond ridiculous. So much so that, imo, it makes Uncharted's Crushing Mode seem easy.

darthv722883d ago

the jag had a nice AvP game. The graphics were nice but the pacing was slow. I wouldnt mind seeing that game remade as it did a good job of setting the tone years before the movies.

iamgoatman2883d ago

I liked it as well, it wasn't amazing, but I had a blast playing it. However I didn't touch the multiplayer, which is where most of the criticisms from fans of the old AVP games focused on.

I can't say I agree with some of the authors points, I think the lack of ironsights was a simple design choice, considering how fast the aliens move, taking time to aim using sights would been pointless. Plus if theres a few enemies on screen you don't want to be limiting yourself with a narrow field of vision. I agree on the no crouch point though, seemed a bit strange, but on the other hand it's not your typical whack-a-mole FPS like COD where cover is essentially, I think I found myself wanting to crouch maybe a couple of times during the campaign, but the levels didn't have much in the way of cover anyhow.

Also, the marine campaign was pretty linear, but no more than just about every other FPS released these days, bar a few. But the Alien and Predators campaigns weren't linear at all and allowed you to go about slaughtering people as you wish, which for me made the game as fun as it was to play as I love games like that.

As far as the controls are concerned, on PC atleast, although touchy at times they really weren't that difficult to get used to. The aliens can be disorientating, and require the use of a fast mouse speed for turning, but with the auto transition on it was easy. The Predators jump mechanic was a bit on the clunky side, but with the focus mapped to an additional mouse button, you could jump quickly from one place to another with ease.

And lastly, even though I've looked for trainers myself to increase the predators energy gage (none seem to work btw), it's not like they don't place charge points absolutely everywhere, it's just having to recharge that's a pain in the ass. As a whole the Predator only felt underpowered against the androids on the higher levels of difficulty, but stealth killing a group of humans without any of them noticing made up for it.

A couple of things I thought this article was missing was the melee combat, which felt detached and weak. If I punch/slash a guy as a huge alien hunter, I want them to do move than just squirm after 3 "hits" that look more like thrown punches in a crappy movie. That and the narrow FOV which can't be changed and lack of SDK. That is all.

/end long rant.

SpinalRemains1382883d ago

I did not like this game 1 bit. I love Predator too. Very much so in fact. I love the dichotomy of the character. Super intelligent space alien. You'd think they were benevolent, right? NOPE! They're barbaric murdering psycho bastards and they RRRRRRUUUULLLLEEEEEEE!

Sadly, this game does not.

Lord Gunchrote2883d ago

This game was okay. Got it for $15 bucks though, had I paid $60 for it, which wouldn't happen anyway, I'd be pretty upset.

MysticStrummer2883d ago

For me, the biggest disappointment of 2010 was Alpha Protocol. I had such high hopes. It never crossed my mind that Aliens vs Predator would be anything but average at best.

Belasco2883d ago

I am susceptable to frame rate sickness, the drops make me extremely sick and I could not finish it.

Belasco2883d ago

Wow, someone disagreed that I got ill while playing the game? Classic.

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The story is too old to be commented.