Canadian NPD... 360 up, PS3 down, Wii dominates

Canada continues to experience significant growth, substantially higher than the US.

Sales for the month were up a spectacular 78% (63% YTD), with console HW leading the way up a whopping 221%, with portable HW up a respectable 30% (despite a decline in PSP sales).

razer5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

The 360 was being beat by the PS3 last month and now it's outselling it 2:1 and closing in on the Wii. Some huge growth in the overall market, looks like Canada is going to be another big player in the world wide gaming market. The 360 seems to be owning the software sales as well with the #1 and #2 spot.

Nintendo DS 51.8K
Wii 34.4K
Xbox 360 26.7K
PS2 20.8K
PS3 12.7K
GBA 6.4K

nasim5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

PSP sales were down because SONY introduced the new PSP and so people preferred to wait for new SLIM PSP rather than buy the OLD MODEL

x360 wont remain in the market anymore from OCTOBER

the 399$ 40 gig ps3 is on the way


x360 is dead in EU and JAPAN

It will be dead in NA from OCTOBER

@ yes there was a price cut on x360 in CANADA too and it was advertised on the front pages of all retailers (thx to MS paid advertising)

BUT things would change with the arrival of 399$ ps3



ps3 beats x360 3:1 in EU

ps3 beats x360 10:1 in JAPAN

ps3 beats x360 by a minimum margin of 100 000 per monthly on a worldwide basis

ps3 is only not outselling x360 in NA

I am sure with WRAHAWK and HS ...september would see ps3 HW sales a considerable boost

However the 399$ ps3 is already on the way...so console war would be coming to an end soon

AnalFace5860d ago

Jesus christ your a dreamer. The PS3 is not selling, why cant you live with that. The PS3 needs AAA games. HS may be 1 but thats it. Games matter the MOST.

cooke155860d ago

Actually 360 sales are up because of a price drop.. its not closing in on Wii.

JokesOnYou5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

"@ yes there was a price cut on x360 in CANADA too and it was advertised on the front pages of all retailers (thx to MS paid advertising)"

nah, really?, so micro actually cut the price of the 360 in canada and the sneaky low down dirty bastards are the one's behind the "advertising" of the price cut too, holy shiii now thats just low down dirty tactics even for micro, ha ha hey do you have a link because thats a bold accusation you're making without proof? nasim you my friend make the sdf very very proud=


BIGBAER5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

http://vgchartz.com/eweekly... - the numbers do NOT support your foaming spittle rabid-raging hallucinogenic fanboi inspired self-flagellating denial-ridden willfully misguided assinine wholly pathetic projections.

Oh, and, Have a nice day!

KnowitAll5859d ago

Don't you guys love it when someone pulls out information from thier ass with no credibility or source? Then they get responded how thier wrong. Yet they ignored it and keep on posting posstive news for the company like if they get paid by the company, but in reality they don't give a sht!

Lets take Nasim for example, some guy who goes around posting

"ps3 beats x360 3:1 in EU"
Which is laughable, fasely untrue

"ps3 beats x360 10:1 in JAPAN "
Japan Ps3 numbers arent even that high(20k-30k). Heck I even bet xbox360 numbers for canada are higher.

Then he seems like he can magically predict the future.

"However the 399$ ps3 is already on the way...so console war would be coming to an end soon "

When the ps3 had its first price drop I was one of the persons who thought the ps3 would increase in sales. It did for a few weeks. Then it dropped back down.
Now what makes you thing Nintendo woun't lower the price of the wii? At 200$ thier still making a profit.
What happens if Microsoft lowers the xbox360?

But your right about one thing once they lower the price of the ps3 to 400 and sales are still the same the console war is over.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

But was there a 360 price cut in Canada also? Wow the 360 outsold the PS3 by a whole whopping 14k. Didn't know gaming in Canada was that small.

toughNAME5860d ago

i also just plain dont like you

cooke155860d ago

30 million people vs 300 million people. But for the amount of people in Canada more systems and games are sold there

Lightning Mr Bubbles5860d ago

I don't get that at all. I just say the truth.

360 numbers are up because of the price drop, is usually the case when price drops happen. FALSE? The Canadian NPD is a lot like the US as far as the turnout XBOX 360 outsold PS3 around 2-1. FALSE??

Canadian Market is kinda small. in US it was 270k for XBOX 360 and in Cananda is was 26k. FALSE?

Raptors5860d ago

Wow, what an ignorant comment. I'm a proud Canadian and gaming is big here in Toronto. Minus a bubble for you.

JokesOnYou5860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

Yes the Canadian gaming market is relatively small compared to US, (many are) but why downplay the fact that the 360 easily outsold the ps3 with this statement:

"Wow the 360 outsold the PS3 by a whole whopping 14k."

ha ha thats funny considering that the ps3 only sold a total of 12.7k, those are pretty dissapointing numbers for ps3 and its not like the situation micro faces in Japan, theres no cultural bias so it just means more avg gamers are choosing the better console.=


blackmagic5860d ago

Lightning, I think what they are trying to say is that since the population of Canada (30 million) is 1/10th the population of the US (300 million), it stands to reason that the sales in canada are 1/10th the sales in the US. Per capita, the sales rates are essentially identical in Canada ie 270k/10 = 27k. Sales in Canada -> 26.7k

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toughNAME5860d ago

we Canadians are a simple folk

give us games, we'll buy systems

Lightning Mr Bubbles5860d ago

Did the XBOX 360 price cut reach Canada? I'm just asking a simple question.

Odion5860d ago

it did and translated into a 100 dollar price drop

felidae5860d ago

it's because of the 360 price drop and Halo 3 ... nothing more

btw, who cares about sales anymore

the games i want are coming to the ps3 so why should i give a fvck about sales?

Bnet3435860d ago

If it was PS3 sales, you would be jumping like a little girl for your company which doesn't give two sh*ts about you. Damn, your damage control is tremendous, oh yes, we know Halo 3 is going to kick ass, thanks for pointing that out, I'm sure you will be on N4G on Halo 3 launch day wondering what the fuss is about. Cry in your corner kid, maybe Sony will slip you some cash.

Bnet3435860d ago (Edited 5860d ago )

the game is $60 and you can rent it and beat it and still enjoy it. Or maybe borrow from a friend.