Resistance 3 Info Before GDC

Insomniac James Stevenson has said that they "will be showing much sooner than GDC"

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ForzaGT2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

hope they announce a release date

EeJLP-2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Need multiplayer info and more specific gameplay mechanics info.

For example:
Are the Berserks gone or at least limited to Custom only and not Ranked Competitive?

Will R:FoM style node games be returning? Such as Meltdown (real Meltdown), Assault, Breach, etc.

Manual squading like in R:FoM?

Ability to run backwards like in R:FoM?

Freedom of movement on vents like in R:FoM?

Spawn points behind (like in R:FoM), not AT the objectives (like in R2)?
[For those that aren't aware, an advancing team in R2 is basically penalized for killing off the other team in objectives, because they respawn directly at or very near the Core, etc. so you take it, go to get away and are likely to be spawned on and immediately shot down. Unlike R:FoM, where you were somewhat rewarded if you were able to kill off the opposing team, because they would spawn a bit behind the objective and you could actually see them coming again, not just appearing behind you as you turn to try and score.]

Melees still 2 in front, only 1hit from stealths? (I would assume so, but would like to see it confirmed.)

Can you continue running and jumping with scoreboard and map open?

For the clan battles crowd:
Will you be able to disable weapons and secondary fire such as 40mms.. at launch?

Will you be able to disable any hopefully non-existent Berserk style power-ups or similar 'perks / rewards'?

farhsa20082883d ago

Cant wait, my favourite fps of all time

SnakeMustDie2883d ago

I want more info regarding the
1. Demo
2. Release Date

silkrevolver2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

1-Me too
2-September 6th in North America. I expect the other regions will be around then too.

ksense2883d ago

they already announced the release date at the VGA's as September 6, 2011

blusoops2883d ago

Wanna see more gameplay and some mp footage!

Sevir042883d ago

At the end of the Full Moon Show that was placed on the PS blog on december 28th 2010, They said that they'll be back in the office putting on more polish on some of the levels they'll be showing 3-4 weeks from the 4th of January! So i'm expecting something the last week of January where there will be a press invite of R3. which i cant wait!

DEADEND2883d ago

I'm really looking forward to this, it's looking amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

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