Classical Look: Crash Team Racing

In an industry that is mostly dominated by gritty realism, “fun” racing games have dropped from public favour, and is only monopolised by one series many will know and enjoy. Of course that is Mario Kart, but not too long ago there was another game that grabbed the weapon wielding throttle of the gaming community, this of course was Crash Team Racing (CTR). Many of you will be reading this and thinking, “but it was just a clone of Mario Kart?” and in some aspects you are right, but I like to think of it as a homage. Taking in to account that during its release (1999) many people would only have one gaming console, which tended to drop between the stellar Nintendo 64 and the excellent PlayStation One. For those who choose the latter missed out on a fine racing game, Mario Kart 64, and in my eyes, Naughty Dog saw this as a shame and decided to take action. They gave the kart-starved PlayStation One owners their own chaotic racing game, and this is the focus of today’s classical look. (If the title hadn’t given that somewhat away this would have been a great revelation for you)...

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