Why do some great games sell terrible?

Games like Enslaved and Majin were quietly passed over by most gamers this last fall. Was it because bigger, and more popular games came out at the same time, say like Call of Duty Black Ops, or Fallout New Vegas? Was it the lack of marketing? Consider this, it could have been all of those factors, and one way to fix these issues, is to release what is known as DLC Prologue, and a shining example is Dead Rising 2's Case Zero.

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TheMrMadzen4936d ago

Hype, Developer and release date are the things that makes a game sell

MariaHelFutura4936d ago

Why do some terrible games sell alot?

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Focker4204936d ago

I absolutely hated Enslaved. Short, boring, repetitive, and a really weak story.

STK0264936d ago

So, Majin is one of the best game you've played this generation, but it's not great because it's not a PS3 exclusive? And, if you meant they would have sold better had they been PS3 exclusive, I highly doubt that.

Both are great games, but, like their previous efforts (the underrated Heavenly Sword and Folklore), these games were almost destined not to sell a whole lot, exclusive or not. Poor marketing and release dates can kill a game.

Darkfiber4936d ago

Hype. Pretty much it. That, and people don't seem to like anything new or different. Make the same old 8 hour linear war FPS and it'll sell millions and win game of the year.

badz1494936d ago

just Platinum it yesterday and I might say, for $40, you can't go wrong with it! 20 or so hours to platinum, not so bad IMO!

ShinMaster4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

* Marketing/hype.
* Mainstream appeal.
* The general public is ignorant.

Has to be what people think is "hot" right now or it will be ignored.

PS3Freak4936d ago

Enslaved was a great game, just got the platinum the other day. I agree it was pretty short though(finished the story in a couple days), and the ending kinda leaves with a "I wonder what will happen" thought. Good game otherwize though.

visualb4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )



Marketing encompasses bother mainstream appeal (you aim for that as a marketeer) and you also count on the general ignorance. Those are key marketing strategies for big consumable products and services. ;)

still, you are right

jeseth4936d ago

I bought Majin thinking it would be incredible and it sucks. Worst game voice acting ever.

Majin has the plot of Prince of Persia and crappy graphics.

Don't buy it.

badz1494936d ago

"Worst game voice acting ever. Majin has the plot of Prince of Persia and crappy graphics. Don't buy it."

come on dude. Shenmue has terrible voice acting, yet people still want the sequel like forever. the plot of Majin is way off from PoP, where did you get that from? IMO the story is quite good. crappy graphics? that's it? there's nothing wrong with the gfx. certainly not UC2 level but totally acceptable.

you only say "don't buy it" for CRAP like CoD but under appreciated game like Majin? that's just wrong dude! for $20 less than CoD, this game is a must especially for single player fans!

Biggest4936d ago

Shenmue was made in the '50s, dude. Majin should have current generation type voice acting. You can't use old games as defense for new games.

GrandTheftZamboni4936d ago

I just watched Qore from October (I think) and the guy from Ninja Theory told Veronica that Enslaved would be focusing on gameplay instead of gizmos like in Heavenly Sword, apparently hinting at Sixaxis. Well that didn't come very grateful for the "air time" Qore gave them after all that previous bitching about Playstation...

Bad sales = Instant Karma in this case.

Inside_out4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

I rented Enslaved and never finished it. It's a good game with good story unfortunately, I'm not huge on hack and slash/boss battle games and would never buy a single player only game with out renting it first. I lost interest quickly and found the graphics disappointing. It struck me like a budget title. The graphics engine, Unreal 3, looked dumbed down.

Just look at Gears 3, Bioshock Infinite or Bulletstorm for how sharp that engine looks. I'm curious to see how the PS3 and 360 demo's for Bulletstorm match up. I'm convinced multi-platform game engines are being dumbed down to accommodate the PS3. The exclusives on PS3 look great when using an exclusive engine unfortunately, if the game is developed for the 360, the engine suffers trying to run on a PS3 and the changes also effect the 360...Enslaved is a perfect example.

As for Majin...well...I down loaded the demo and not my cup of tea tho it could be fun but not at full price.

It all comes down to price point and replay-ability. These games should of started at $39.99 and I'm sure they would of sold better. No co-op and multi-player automatically reduces the price and scores IMO. The same for other single player only games like Vanquish, GOW and Heavy Rain that don't even have DLC.

There were alot of great games released over the holidays. Halo Reach, Fable 3, MOH COD, and GT to name a few. The summer was completely dry, why didn't they promote there games at E3 and then release them right afterwards.

MrChow6664936d ago

"Why do some terrible games sell alot?"

like Fallout 3?

bakasora4936d ago

Because Ninja Theory screwed up Dante

jeseth4935d ago

@ Badz.

Trust me. I really wanted to love Majin. I drove to 5 different stores just to find it.

I get the POP feel by the well all the enemies are surrounded in a black slimey ooze that have enveloped everything that was once good, just like POP.

The voice acting is hoorible. There's no two ways about it. It ruins the experience for me. It's off key, corny, and just ruins the mood of the game.

The graphics are crap. Resistance Fall of Man from PS3's launch blows it away...and that is a bad thing. Terible textures, animations, and graphics. Especially when you consider the point in time when it is coming out.

The premise behind Majin is great, I loved the idea of the plot, but I also won't sugar coat a mediocre (at best) game. I was hoping for more.

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krouse934936d ago


That must be it. They turned away from PS3 exclusivity. And we abandonded them fro being bullheaded. They spent more on development for a multiplatform game and in return made less money than they did on their PS3 exclusive launch time framed games.

HolyOrangeCows4936d ago

"Games like Enslaved and Majin"

Let me stop you there...those titles were nothing special.

LoaMcLoa4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

Indeed, they should've mentioned MadWorld, No More Heroes 2 or Vanquish.

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R_aVe_N4936d ago

It all really comes down to marketing in the end. If people do not know about your game they will not buy it.

kneon4936d ago

I believe part of the problem is also that there are just too many games being developed. The market just can't support so many games.

I've bought about 20 games this year and that's just for PS3, and I didn't buy either of the two games from the article. Most people buy far less games than I do and they are more likely to stick to franchises they know rather than try some new unknown game.

I'm actually a bit concerned that so many games are failing to live up to sales expectations. If this continues then you can expect more studios to go under or cut back and a lot less new IPs being developed.

R_aVe_N4936d ago

I agree that can also be a problem. I agree when people are forced to choose because of money they usually go with the higher marketed and well known titles. Games like these two mentioned in the article got next to no marketing.

Blaine4936d ago


I don't think we're anywhere near the point where there are "too many games being developed" when there are still serious release droughts in the summer.

If there is a problem, it's that some devs aspire to CoD-like sales (lol, sounds like godlike--but CoD definitely =/= godly) when they DO NOT have a product with the same level of appeal (case in point: ENSLAVED. You suck Ninja Theory, face it).

If devs realized the potential of each individual game, then more of them would be Demon's Souls stories--where the game sold a lot more than expected--and less Enslaved-stories (paraphrasing: "oh our game is amazing the gaming market is retarded for not buying it").

Ducky4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

Yup, it's marketing and appeal.

Usually if I hear about a game and find it interesting, I'll buy it. Bought 70+ games this year, and didn't buy Majin because hadn't heard of it, and Enslaved just didn't appeal to me.

Don't agree with the article on adding DLC prologue though. It's what demo's are for. If they were ineffective, then how is having the option to pay for an extended demo gonna help?

EDIT: Hmm, I'll take a gander then.

R_aVe_N4936d ago

I really enjoyed Majin you should give it a try if time and money allows!

kube004936d ago

Marketing and advertising are big. I also thought release date also factored in it as well.