PS2 Game Download Service Hinted At?

TSA writes: "Imagine our surprise this morning when we logged on to the PSN to find a rogue game sitting directly beneath Vice City Stories – the original PS2 game ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’. We’ve tried downloading it on a PSP 3000 to no avail; however it will happily work on a PSPgo."

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SnakeMustDie2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

It might have been Vice City Stories PSP version considering the filesize. If its the PS2 version, the filesize must be bigger than 800MB.

It is possible that Sony is trying to update the store to add PS2 classics in preparation for the release of PSP2 and the return of BC on the PS3.

velocitygamer2833d ago

If it's true...

Win. So many memories...Jak & Daxter...GTA...NFS...Gran Turismo...Ratchet & Clank...the list goes on and on.

Don't be suprised if I comment on an article 10 years later when the PS4 comes out listing all the memories of the ps3 :)


I won't have any memories of this gen, I wouldn't mind having this gen wiped from memory because it's that bad.

Tommykrem2833d ago

Sure there's been fanboy wars like never before, and lying and manipulation. But there have been too many really good games in too many different genres to overlook this generation.

Absolutely agree with you velocitygamer :)

turgore2833d ago

Adding backward compatibility would be a poor business move for the PS3 since then they couldn't sell any remastered games like the god of war collection.
however maybe the PSP2 will indeed play PS2 games.

GodofSackboy2833d ago

Please, please make this happen, every last ps2 game upscaled, right down to the most obscure crap game, with every game having screenshots and videos, i wouldn't mind paying £40 each for the Ratchet and Clank PS2 games

SeanRL2833d ago

Or they could just put backwards compatibility back in....

Theonik2833d ago

They couldn't if they wanted too. The 60 and 80GB models both had PS2 hardware in them, 80GB units actually had some decent emulation fro the Emotion engine but the Reality synthesizer is impossible to emulate on the PS3 GPU as it has more bandwidth than the RSX. Bringing back BC would require a pretty much per game conversion to which it would be more worthwhile to just port the games which has the added benefit of being profitable. BC never went anywhere for early adopters. If you want PS2 games buy a PS2. They're dirt cheap these days.

gamingdroid2833d ago

They could just add the hardware required back in. Won't help those that own a current PS3 Slim or the older 40GB Phat (like me), but at least then there is an option....

mantisimo2833d ago


The original ratchets didn't play at all well on the bc (emulated) pal 60 launch model nor did several other titles.

I just bought my son a Bravia TV with a built in Ps2 in the stand and since christmas he has played ALL of the ps2 classics.

I don't think he's washed since boxing day. I can hear Jak and daxter talking to the green sage as I type.

Theonik2832d ago

@gamingdroid, I don't think anyone wants to pay 400-500$ for a PS3 at this time so adding the extra hardware is a no-no at this time. With the difference in price you're better off just getting a PS2 with Component cables.
@mantismo yeah some people somehow fail to remember that fact, the partial software based PAL 60GB and US 80GB had a lot of problems with their emulation that Sony had to manually patch. It the end making the system cheaper was a greater priority and the cost of patching BC at the time was too much so they stopped updating the 80GB BC for a while now.

gamingdroid2832d ago

It doesn't cost Sony even a $100 to add a hardware chip to support BC. The actual cost is likely negligible at this point per unit.

Biggest2832d ago

Backwards compatibility won't add HD graphics, trophies, or anything else that developers decide to throw in. I would love to have more updated games.

Theonik2832d ago

It actually would cost that much, in order to re-introduce the PS2 hardware they would also need to redesign the slim motherboard which currently has little space to put PS2 hardware and would need to be re-engineered. That brings cost up for the unit as a whole and that's not counting cooling and design efforts to actually fit all that in the slim form factor. At the very least it would eat away the profit they recently started making on each unit and cost them a ton in R&D while sales are unlikely to go up because of bringing back BC. (since sales didn't drop when it was removed) Focusing on a $250 slim is a more important investment for them.

gamingdroid2832d ago

That is ludicrous!

First of all there is little cost to re-do a motherboard especially if said components were once part of the board. It's simply a matter of adding them to the motherboard, re-introduce the software feature and do some testing. There is very little if any cooling needed and even if it needed it, there is no reason why the current cooling system wouldn't be sufficient for a chip that has been reduced over the last 15 years.

It's an easy process!

I will agree with one thing:

"At the very least it would eat away the profit they recently started making on each unit"

Yes, it will reduce profit and Sony is now in the heat again to reduce price so it is unlikely to do it and BC is unlikely a huge system selling feature so yes, it is wishful thinking. I'm sure Sony would rather sell you re-mastered games anyhow.

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Cajun Chicken2833d ago

I like R&C, but I wouldn't pay £40 EACH for the games. More like a HD compilation price.

acky12833d ago

Sony could charge me £100 for each and I would still buy them all. I'd happily bend over for sony.
Sony 'til I die

FailOverHero2833d ago

This idea = full of win! I always imagined, pre psp release, that when a portable playstation released, I'd be able to play all my ps2 games on it. Now it seems this may just become a reality :) Hope it isn't just for psp go or worse yet, just psp 2

MGRogue20172833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

As far as I'm aware, It's just a corrupt duplicate of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

How I know? 'cause I've just searched for it on my own PSP & when you highlight both "GTA: Vice City Stories" & "GTA: Vice City" .. they've both got the exact same description.

I expect it to disappear once the store updates or when Sony notices it & takes action.

I must admit though, It's still very odd that it's been put there in the first place.. GTA Vice City Stories came out ages ago.. so why upload it again?

ChristianGamer2833d ago

enkeixpress, how do you report a news article and then 2 minutes later approve it without cancelling your report? Makes no sense. On topic. I hope this is true. Would love to play Burnout 3 on the go

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