MLB To Get Big Headed, Go Downloadable

Sports and bobbleheads have always gone hand in hand, with the big headed dolls being synonymous with the activity. According to a rating by the ESRB, MLB Publisher 2K Sports is looking to cash in on the loveable figure’s popularity, developing “MLB Bobblehead Pros” for the PS3 and 360.

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Sev2832d ago

Why do people love to see heads blown up? Bobble heads, big head mode, wtf?

doctorstrange2832d ago

Is that we are wired to like things with disproportionately large heads cause that's what babies have, and we've evolved to like babies, cause otherwise we'd all die.

Nitrowolf22831d ago

Sev i miss these things. They have dissapeared in most games. I remember COD4 having in-game cheats like this and really that was the last game i played with good cheats (just for fun).
I wish devs would bring them back, and i'm just talking about the fun/costume ones. I was hoping GTA4 would bring those back but all they have are stat like cheats. I miss the good ones like flying cars, yakuza, everyone a clown, jetpacks ect.

doctorstrange2831d ago

Yeah, I absolutely loved those light hearted cheats, I really hope they bring them back.
Although in this case, they seem to have taken a cheat and turned it into a separate title that we have to pay for.

dragon822831d ago

Who doesn't love a bobblehead? :D

Teddybee2831d ago

Classic pieces of any franchise

ftwrthtx2831d ago

I'm a big baseball fan but have no need for a full game built around bobbleheads. Cheap add on maybe.

wolfehound222831d ago

Haha sounds pretty funny.

doctorstrange2831d ago

I don't think its worth a full game