10 Characters That Should Be In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

DamnLag - "I know many people will disagree with me, but I’m pretty disappointed with the game’s current roster. Does that mean I don’t like the roster? No. I mean that while the characters look interesting enough that I’ll try everybody at least once, I would have preferred certain other characters. So, I decided to put together a short list of characters I would love to see in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3."

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Valay2929d ago

Well, I already got my wish since Amaterasu is in...

EYEamNUMBER12929d ago

pfft anything is better than all the garbage characters they are adding

super skrull?
she hulk?
and the list goes on these are just the most notable ones
this character list is a joke

qface642929d ago

i actually agree

there is no point in she hulk and x23 being in the game since they are pretty much the same thing as hulk and wolverine
its like how in smashbros you have fox and falco both are the same they just do things slightly different

this selecting is actually really bad

watch them offer more characters as paid DLC and everyone will still love it

Lord_Doggington2929d ago

hagar should definitely be in there, son

midgard2272929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

to qface

actually i really like x-23, the rest i agree with u on tho :p

THo i super wish and hope they add strider, emma frost and psylocke

Sub-Zero852929d ago

I'm cool with Haggar ..... but the rest pfft

Yi-Long2929d ago

- I don't like the current roster.
- I don't like the current graphical style.
- I don't like all the DLC milking plans.

I'll stick with the excellent MvC2.

EYEamNUMBER12929d ago

my problem with haggar being in the game is that hes a pointless character when he has the EXACT move sets as zangief

if your gonna have a character that plays exactly like zangief is as big as zangief then you might as well have just kept zangief in the game

Larry L2929d ago

@ Eye......

For the most part you are right, except for one you mentioned....Super-Skrull. Super-Skrull is one of the many Marvel characters that I always felt belonged in Marvel vs Capcom. He's a very cool character, and with the powers of all of the Fantastic 4, he could have some sick move-sets.

I don't care about Haggar, but he's OK just as a different option to Zangief.

But the rest are rediculous. X-23 is only a halfway decent character in comics. Putting her in MvC3 is an absolute waste of roster space. MODOK is also completely rediculous. She Hulk would be OK if the roster were much bigger, but with 18-20 per side it's a wasted spot. I think Dormammu is also a kinda wasted spot unless perhaps Dr. Strange is in.....but even then I don't really see the point. I could make cases for a handfull of other Marvel characters being wasted spots as well.

Marvel characters that SHOULD be in, at least for me to be happy would be Cable (big beefy version from his debut, not the new lean version or even his MvC2 version), Apocalypse, THANOS, Silver Surfer (with Ron Lim style power cosmic effects), Ghost Rider, Juggernaut, a Sentinel, Omega Red and Silver Samurai.

I'm a Marvel fanboy, which is the only reason I'd personally buy this game, so I don't care too much about the Capcom half of the roster. So as long as Bison is in the game I'd be happy....but it has to be with his traditional charge move set, not the moveset that was in MvC2. Also this article mentioning Yellow Devil is actually an option I hadn't even thought of, but is a very good idea. And as they pointed out....his powers would translate perfectly into a fighting game.

RockmanII72929d ago

@Eye Besides MODOK not being 'serious' enough and X23/She Hulk being unoriginal, whats wrong with those characters? Super Skrull is basically the fantastic four in one, whats the problem there? Spencer and Hagar are classic icons of Capcom and Viper represents the new Street Fighter games (SF4/SSF4/SSF4:3D).

@qface That's the thing, when is the last time someone complained about Falco being in SSB? Why can other games have shoto characters but when MvC3 does everyone acts like it ruins the game even though their are like 40 other people to use.

"watch them offer more characters as paid DLC and everyone will still love it "

Dude every game has DLC. Again, its these double standards saying that 'oh that game can have DLC but if this one does its the company being greedy'. If the DLC is on the disc, that's F'd up, but if it has DLC in general you can't be mad because every game has DLC.

@Eye (again)

The reason Hagar has the same moves as Zangief is because ZANGIEF WAS INSPIRED BY HAGGAR. Haggar's first game was in 1989 and Zangief's first game was in 1991. Haggar had that move set first, if anything Zangief copied of Haggar. Also with Haggar in instead of Zangeif people won't complain about the game having too many Street Fighter characters.

@Larry So basically you don't like anybody new? The point of a new game is to add new characters not just have all the old ones return.

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specialguest2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Definitely Nemesis. Stan Lee would also be cool if done right.

Just imagine him having the abilities of the comic characters he created. The agility of spiderman, powers of the fantastic fours, and when his life bar reaches a low level, he'll have the ability to rage out and becomes his own version of the Hulk.

Larry L2929d ago

I love on The Simpsons when Stan Lee was trying to Hulk out. LOL....hilarious. "I swear, it worked once" lol. Classic.

RockmanII72929d ago

A rep from Capcom said that they were gonna have Nemesis or Tyrant but they wanted the game to have a T rating and they could have brought it up to an M. As for Stan Lee, look at recent characters in fighting games in general. People are mad that MODOK got in because he isn't a serious character. People are saying they would be mad if the Xbox 360 version of MK had an exclusive character that was someone that wasn't extremely serious. People don't like different characters anymore, and an old guy who was never in a comic being on the Marvel side I think would get the same reaction that someone like MODOK is getting now (Though I would love seeing him in and would defend his inclusion until people stopped bashing him).

Prototype2928d ago

I Still hate the fact they cut Strider Hiryu, so I'm skipping over this game

SupahJ2929d ago

I completely agree with Yellow Devil being in the game. That would be an awesome character for the game.

Lord_Doggington2929d ago

maybe not phoenix wright, but definitely a phoenix wright character...maybe larry buttz or godot. you could even do mia and have her change into maya during the course of the game

RockmanII72929d ago

I would be upset if Yellow Devil got in just becasue of how many other Megaman characters he would have gotten in before. Megaman (any), Dr. Wily, Roll, Zero, Sigma, Vile, Tron, Juno, Bola, and Bass.exe are characters I think would be much more deserving to get in.

LoaMcLoa2929d ago

The creator of Spider-man and other Marvel-characters.

I'm still surprised that they haven't announced Venom as a character yet... Hope he wont be a DLC characters >:C

kingkads2929d ago

Venom was by far my fav character in number mvc2. If hes not in this game im not buying. Gambit should be in it also.

LukeWashingTons2929d ago

I say Dr. Wily could easily be included without being a Tron Bonne clone.

giantchicken2929d ago

God we need more re characters..

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