Portal 2 Will have more dialogue than you can guess

If you wanted more of the gems that were GLaDOS' lines, then your wish has now been granted. Portal 2 has many times the number of dialogues than in the first game.

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SnakeMustDie2928d ago

Too bad only GlaDos and the personality cores are the only ones who talk in the franchise. Can't wait for Portal 2

jeseth2928d ago

Too much dialogue is

1) A problem for Metal Gear Solid 4.

2) Not a problem for Portal 2? Also not a problem in Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, etc.

Hmph? Odd why some gamers overlook this on some titles and use it as a crutch to bash others.

Hmph. Wierd.

NBT912928d ago

Well the problem with MGS4 is it had too much BORING dialogue. So not as weird as you might think.
And as well as that, it was not the dialogue itself but they way the cut scenes dragged on far too long. Not a problem for me, but I can see why others would think that.

kramun2928d ago

There's a difference between a game having some dialogue and a game having cutscenes that go on for half an hour or more. And the dialogue in Portal will be in-game as you play, it won't have cutscenes.

Persistantthug2928d ago

Hasn't all the console MGS games had cut scenes?

I didn't play MGS2 or 3 (I had a Dreamcast and PC for 6th gen), but I clearly remember MGS1, and it had tons of cut scenes that I never complained about.

I mean, if you see an MGS game, shouldn't you expect that by default?
That's why I don't understand the complaints.

And with that....MGS4 was freakin awesome, and I want MGS5.

TABSF2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

All Valve games have great dialogue.

Look at TF2, L4D and HL

divideby02928d ago

cant wait to play CoOP with some of my PC budz with the PS3 ?
guess I will have to use TS or V on the PC, while playing on the PS3 to chat with them.....?

Darkfiber2928d ago

More than 10 million hours of dialog? Crazy.

Kon2928d ago

Where did you read that? this is impossible. 10 million hours LMAO

kramun2928d ago

What are you going on about Darkfiber?

Darkfiber2928d ago

It said more dialog than I could guess. I guessed 10 million hours worth, so according to the title of the article, it's more than that. I can also guess three hundred and ninety trillion hours worth. Apparently it's more than that as well.

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