10 New Uncharted 3 Screenshots

Sony has released ten new in-game screenshots of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, one of the most anticipated videogames for PlayStation 3.

The screenshots were first shown in the latest issue of EDGE, but PSNow! has published them in all their HD glory.

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velocitygamer2930d ago

Pop Uncharted: Drakes Fortune into a 360 = Overheated 360

Pop Uncharted 2 Among Thieves into a 360 = Microwave

Pop Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception into a 360 = Explosion

DrRichtofen2930d ago

Pop Gears of War into a PS3= Multiplayer works

HeavenlySnipes2930d ago

None would play it over Uncharted 2's multiplayer.

ShinMaster2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Lol, I guess you would think a major exclusive like Gears would have no lag on
"teh superiorz Live xperience".

Very true as well.

Kalipekona2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

What losers. PS3 fanboys talk crap about the 360 in 360 articles, they talk crap about the 360 in PS3 articles, and they even talk crap about the 360 in articles not directly related to either console. Basically the comment section is just being abused by PS3 fanboys as a means to constantly talk crap about the 360.

Why is it that I don't see Wii or 360 fanboys making such outlandish comments nearly as much? It's about common decency and respect for your fellow gamers. It's ok to have a favorite console, but you should still be respectful of other people's opinions. The fact that you guys are always attacking the other consoles and patting each other on the back in a big circle jerk just goes to show how insecure you are all.

As for the topic at hand, Uncharted 3 looks gorgeous. I loved the first two games and I can't wait to play the third.

REPLOID242930d ago

@kalikepona The 360 fanboys were merciless back in '07 when I first checked this place out. It was slim pickings then on PS3. I've definitely seen the shift over the years to PS3 fanboys having more ammo to back up their words.

starchild2930d ago


Not true. I don't know why people keep repeating this myth. Go check out the articles from around the time the 360 and PS3 came out. There weren't as many people on the site back then, but the PS3 camp was definitely equal to the 360 camp. The truth is there was never a time when 360 fanboys filled every article section with negative comments about the PS3 the way PS3 fanboys have been doing towards the 360 for several years.

Things were more equal back then. Certainly not the picture you are trying to paint of merciless 360 fanboys attacking the PS3 at every turn. No, I saw just as many PS3 fanboys attacking the 360. The articles are all still there, so anybody can check for themselves. That's what I did. Somebody pointed it out and I went and looked at a whole bunch of articles from that time and realized that people were lying or not remembering things correctly.

PS360PCROCKS2929d ago

as someone who's been on this site since 2005, it was 360 ran for quite a few years. Everyone, including me would hop on every negative Sony story. Stories about the price, games, sony saying "save your money" etc...big shift though, the PS3 fans run the site, not even that many 360 fans left besides a few idiots.

Vorgier2929d ago

Don't anger the fanboiz ^^^

They might down vote you, look furiously at their monitor and think they are better then you.

RedDevils2929d ago

Kalipekona must be crying when he typed that comment lol

Ducky2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

> 360 fanboys were stupid annoying jerks 5 years ago

> This justifies ps3 fanboys being stupid annoying jerks now.

Ahh, I see. That makes perfect sense.
Carry on.

Foliage2929d ago

The stupid annoying 360 jerks are just growing up and updating to the PS3. Same jerks.

What is there left on the 360?

No Good games, and kidnect... pathetic.

GodofSackboy2929d ago


1 - the Wii has no fanboys
2 - PS3 fanboys actually have something to brag about
3 - the 360 could not hope to have a game looking anywhere near as good as Uncharted 1, let alone 3.

Shepherd 2142929d ago

Gears of War multiplayer is just as good as Uncharted multiplayer. The first Gears multiplayer was fine except for things like host advantage. Its Gears 2 that tarnished it.

And for the guy saying Uncharted 1's graphics look better than any Xbox game, im pretty sure Mass Effect 2, along with several others, has it beat.

ShinMaster2929d ago

Mass Effect is not that pretty during gameplay as it is during close up and cutscene shots.

Shepherd 2142929d ago

The gameplay in almost any game has worse graphics than its cutscenes. Thats because cutscenes, even using the game engine, are touched up to look awesome since they are scripted and pre-rendered.

However, Mass Effect 2's gameplay graphics are still very good. Ive beaten the first and second Mass Effect several times, i know this more than most.

ShinMaster2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I meant the non-action gameplay and decision making parts/dialog trees.

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HeavenlySnipes2930d ago

Uncharted is the best TPS available. Sorry SOCOM (what did you expect me to say, Gears? lol)

Marquis_de_Sade2929d ago

I disagree, in terms of pure shooting mechanics, SOCOM > Uncharted. Good I get to experience both on one console though.

ct032930d ago

Gosh, makes me go out and buy a PS3 right away.... not. Sorry Sony, didn't work. It never does.

mac_sparrow2930d ago

Gosh, made me want to agree with your opinion right away...not. Sorry ct03, didn't work. It never does.

Pixel_Enemy2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

your loss ct03.

You pretty much just bragged about how you are going to miss out on an amazing game.

Jio2930d ago

ct03, people like you that think your a hardcore gamer but only have a 360 and black ops. FAIL

nycredude2930d ago

The only reason anyone would not want to get a ps3 this year would be either 1)They don't really like to play good games, or 2)They can't afford it.

Kalipekona2930d ago

You are going to miss out on a great game then. If you are happy with your 360 that is fine, but you shouldn't be so negative about games on other consoles.

wenaldy2930d ago

You cheap poor bastard... XD

ct032929d ago

It was obvious that you folks would pull out the Xbox argument when I don't even own one.
Alan Wake didn't make me buy an Xbox either.

thereapersson2929d ago

How about you quit trolling a website and actually go outside and do something productive with your life.

Bathyj2929d ago

Its better to remain silent and thought a fool,
than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Never has this rang more true than just now.

Dude you just voluntarily admitted you have worse taste than my buttcrack.

You should have ramained silent.

Foliage2929d ago

"How about you quit trolling a website and actually go outside and do something productive with your life. " getting hit by a truck.

Ducky2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Good to see everyone getting angry because one person doesn't feel like buying a specific console.

Yes, I hope he gets hit by a truck too for not sharing your tastes.

Kudos for feeding the troll.

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MNicholas2930d ago

Wonder if they're using MLAA.

In God of War 3, MLAA provided quality that reached a peak that was equal or better than 16xSSAA.

Masterchef20072929d ago

what wonderful tech MLAA is only possible with the PS3. Oh and the Ati cards for the PCs dont count cause its not the same tweaked MLAA that the PS3 uses.

DeathMetal14742929d ago

"MLAA provided quality that reached a peak that was equal or better than 16xSSAA." LOL, MLAA is poor mans AA. it's about the same as 4x real AA

baodeus2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

so tell me Mnicholas,

What does MLAA do technically in comparing to the MSAA? You can give links, but tell me in person what do you know about it based on those links, how does it work, why it is technically superior? Only then you can prove your point as valid.

UC look great though by the way. One of the best game out there.

not this again.....can you guys talk about something else rather than keep hyping up the shit out of console games. You guys forgetting GT5 graphics hype already? Why u guys keep comparing to PC, does ND use ps3 to make ps3 games? What do u guy think? I'm really questioning the level of IQ on this site.

HolyOrangeCows2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Congrats on TOPPING yourselves, Naughty Dog.

Judging by this screen...
...I would say that they very well might be.
Look at that butter-smooth baldie. No jaggies to be found on that head.

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TANUKI2930d ago

lol, and no, piroh wasn't talking about Lord of the Rings :P

ps3360games2930d ago

how can a console game look so good

Pandamobile2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Because it's a press render.

It's unfortunate that the actual game won't look as clean and flawless (in terms of aliasing, etc)

PLASTICA-MAN2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I was going to tell you SOOOO MANY THINGS, but unfortunately you won't understand them.
A picture is worth 1000 words!


And this is you by the way: ;)

Edit: At Lamous0 below

Sorry to disappoint you, I am not blind, I am just mute to ignorant mule people that are deaf to something they can't hear or understand. For them the best choice is to continue to be mute. You lack reasons to sleep at nights. Well think what you want and pretend false things you don't know anything about them. ;)

InFAMOUS12930d ago

I don't think Panda has anything to be scared about. He is a PC gamer;therefore, he plays prettier games than us console gamers.... The fact of the matter is while UC3 will be a contender for the best looking console game of all time, this really is a press render and will NOT look THAT smooth in game.. He speaks the truth, you are just to blind to see it...

beavis4play2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

panda and infamous1, have you seen KZ3?.....i'm sure UC3 will look that good.
i'll bet if this was a pc game you'd both be yelling about how great it is.

Chug2930d ago

Oh look, it's one of those superior PC dudes.../

Pandamobile2930d ago

Thank you Infamous, at least you can understand.

It's not like I just popped in to say it looked like shit. Press renders tend to give a false representation of how the final product will look.

OpenGL2930d ago

Unless Uncharted 3 is somehow able to run with 16xSSAA these are definitely bullshots. Obviously the final game will look similar but with 2xAA instead.

InFAMOUS12930d ago

The fact that you are taking this alll so personally shows just how 'blind' you really are.. Dude I will hop on UC2 with you right now. If you even have it that is.. I will play any Sony 1st party title with anyone right now except LPB cuz my friend has it.. Im not here defending the PC. I am here to simply say that Panda is correct.. These screen are press rendered.. Its like looking at an issue of Maxim and thinking the girls ain't airbrushed... FAIL.... Really dude, it's ok that it's a press render. Like I said, between this and KZ3 the PS3 got the best looking CONSOLE games to date... You don't need to get all silly and stupid because a gaming PC is more powerful than a PS3... God some of my fellow Droids have no brain cells.....
If you even looked at my comment history you will see Im a ps3 fanboy and that I have disagreed with Panda on other topics, this one just happens to be TRUE...

TheLastGuardian2930d ago

Whether these shots are press rendered or not, This game will look incredible. Even if the graphics aren't up to PC gamers standards, I'm sure the gameplay and story will outshine any PC exclusive action adventure game to date.

Led-Zeppelin2930d ago

Weird how its in pre alpha stage and i guess its rendered? So when the final game comes out someones going to look like an idiot (Pandamobile)

Pandamobile2930d ago

Right, so what happens when the game comes out and it doesn't have flawless edging?

Am I still going to be the idiot?

beavis4play2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

yes panda - you are........but not because you are literally an idiot but because you (like all pc fans on N4G) just don't get it.

do you SEE this article marked as "pc"? no, it isn't. and as console owners, (whether it's 360 or ps3) we look look forward to the big exclusives and really don't need EVERY thread to have pc fanboy come in and say something to the effect of : "yea, but it won't look as good as pc games or something to that effect.
can pc games generate better looking games? sure. is it relevant in these console articles? no. games like UC3, ME2, gears, KZ2/3, MGS4 look fantastic and are fun to play.
if you want to talk about the game - great....but to come into the threads with the same tired, worn-out pc-fan comments really begs the question - WHY?

Arnon2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Because the children (i.e. console fans) never shut up and have ultimately destroyed this website with their constant arguing. In actuality, the only thing a PC gamer is doing is shooting your ego in the head, and making you realize how stupid it is to constantly argue over trivial bullshit. In the end, every console this generation will never have the best looking games, no matter how many times one says it.

There's your "why". Also, it doesn't help that PLASTICA-MAN tried to argue that these were in-game shots and that Uncharted 3 would have some sort of super anti-aliasing, only proving my point.

nycredude2930d ago


I am sorry Pandamobile but I have to call you out. I have a high end pc capable of running everything at pretty much max. I have it hookedup to a 1080p led lcd screen. I played Crysis on full maxe settings as I do every pc game I have (about 35). There are more crappy textures in all of those pc games, Crysis included, than Uncharted 2.

It is NOT the machine that produce great looking ad playing games. You can have all hte power in the world but if developers don't push it it will still look just decent. Yeah sure you will get a higher resolution and some extra effects on PC but the game assets are still the same.

My point is stop bashing the PS3 and the games and just try to enjoy the games for once. We all know PC is powerful but seriously I would take the Ps3 lineup over my pc lineup any day.

Remember I have both so be reasonable when replying.

Discalaimer: I've also owned a Wii and 360 for 1 year.

jack_burt0n2930d ago

@opengl and panda

you would be surprised the effects MLAA and spu's can have on edges.

Its a totally different application then when used with a pc gpu.

But then again you argued with me about Uncharted 2 before it released and look how that turned out. :)

Dude4202930d ago

@ nycredude

Uncharted 2 has better textures than Crysis? Man what are you smoking?

And what's "all of those pc games" you speak of? Can you be more specific other than naming Crysis? It's funny how you criticize Crysis for having a couple of bad textures in the game when you don't even consider all the other things Crysis does that Uncharted doesn't. Oh and btw, Going through jungles, Crysis has far better textures.

Do you even have a high end PC? Your post pretty much brought down your credibility.

beavis4play2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

oh, arnon - doing exactly as i said. you start off with the name-calling and
you then state that console gamers have ruined the site - and that's not accurate.....there are many factors. 1 is the hardcore fanboys (of which pc fans are a part of) that do nothing but argue and namecalling (like you with your "kids" remark. 2 is the opinion/flamebait articles which are thrown up by contributors - not to inform - but to try and support (or attack) a particular format (and this in includes pc fan)

and arnon - i DID say pc games can generate better visuals - why are you acting so defensive?
and why not wait till this game is out before being critical of how it looks. any fan of any game on these types of threads will be excited and say some outlandish things. all i'm suggesting is for pc fan to not constantly enter console threads with thier attacks and insults - like you're doing here. if you're interested in UC3 - come on in, if you just want argue - stay out.

as far as the tech comments by plastica man? i pay no attention to that sort of thing. even if it's from a pc fan like "pandamobile"...who i think knows his pc stuff. when one person who does know what they're talking about (as far as the tech side of things) says something - 25 will commment who don't know anything at all. and even those who do know a little (like panda) can't possibly know what devs are doing right now and are capable of producing with their next games.
ND is a great dev and i guarantee knows more than ALL of us on this thread combined - and that includes you, panda, openGL and infamous1. just because you're pc fans don't make you gaming CAN make you very difficult to have a conversation with.

just lighten up and enjoy the games - is that too much to ask?

Imalwaysright2929d ago

@ Beavis Dont bother when PC fanboys dont have anything good to say they just hide behind the disagrees or like Arnon turn to petty attacks spouting redundant things that everyone knows. PC will always have better graphics because its an open platform that can be upgraded. We all know that. Seriously you guys remind me of parrots.

What matters is if PC games are better. Are PC games better? It depends on the developer. PC fanboys cant seem to grasp that all depends on the developer and that graphics dont and never will make up for: fun and addictive gameplay, atmosphere, storyline, replayability, relatable characters, clever game designs... Great developers like Naughty Dog can achieve that on any piece of hardware and that is why their game won more than 100 GOTY awards.

Us "kids" that can enjoy games on any platform seem to have more fun than PC gamers because all PC gamers talk about is graphics this or resolution that. There are plenty games that look like crap but that are great fun. Do we play games for fun or for their technical aspects?

DeathMetal14742929d ago

"There are more crappy textures in all of those pc games, Crysis included, than Uncharted 2."

Wow take of the fanboy goggles. That comment FAILS SO HARD it's not even funny. Seriously dude just shut up now before you look any dumber.

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OpenGL2929d ago

@ jack_burt0n

No I wouldn't, as I own God of War 3 and while MLAA definitely works great in that title it is still usually closer to 4xMSAA in quality. I'm not saying that isn't good, because it definitely is considering it's on a console that is usually stuck with 2xAA or no AA, much like the 360, but these screen shots were obviously taken at a very high resolution and downsampled to 1280x720.

Lamarthedancer2930d ago

I hope to god the multiplayer is improved...nothing like going on elimination and have everyone race to the powerful weapons....the match is over in like a minute most of the time.

It's the only Multiplayer game I've actually spent time on and liked

espiritu6042930d ago

there were barely any powerful weapons, everyone had ak47s, I wish you could select the weapons yourself or get random weapons evry time cuz the ak went really boring cuz everyone uses it and the fal sucks as the only ones that were good was the RPG and the m16

im waiting for uncharted 3 tho becuase among theives pulled me.