Kinect Software outsells Move Software 13:1

The first round between these two motion rivals is over and it's a knock-out in favor of Microsoft's Kinect.

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zootang4281d ago

In the USA, Not the world.

Dark_Charizard4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

It's funny how PS3 fanboys always stress on that fact.

A change in the wind4281d ago

It`s funny how many people try to ignore the fact as well.

zootang4281d ago


Is EA's John Riccitiello a PS3 fanboy?

Dark_Charizard4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

Yes that fact is funny as well, Achangeinthewind!

And it's funny how your replies are mostly = [It's funny how + Counter Attack]. LOL :D

Lamarthedancer4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

It's funny how Xbox fanboys totaly ignore the fact that Kinect is killing core games for the 360 but are so proud with Kinects sale

4281d ago
harrisk9544281d ago

It's also funny how MS uses shipped numbers when it suits them, but when Sony used shipped numbers MS jumped all over them. How many of the 8 million shipped are still sitting on store shelves. There are certainly a lot at my local best buy, target and gamestop... not to mention there is no shortage at Amazon.

Pixel_Enemy4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

Only fanboys care about this war. I am happy owning both consoles. I have move and I don't have an interest in kinect since I don't play the casual games. If MS gives me a reason to buy kinect then I will. Till then sales mean absolutely nothing to me.

@ChadWarden below
I agree completely. The only reason they care is for a leg to stand on in a fanboy argument. There is no other reason

chadwarden4281d ago

Its funny how people care about what kind of sales a company is achieving even though it doesn't change their own life what so ever.

nycredude4281d ago

I love how according to 360 fans everyone is a Ps3 fanboy now. According to you guys there is like a total of six 360 fans in the world.

TheLastGuardian4281d ago

I feel ashamed to live in America now. I'm surrounded by a bunch of casual ass panzies.

Retro_Zombie4281d ago


"It's funny how PS3 fanboys always stress on that fact."

It's an important fact.

evrfighter4281d ago

you could almost see the tears in all these comments.

NateCole4281d ago

@Dark_Charizard. The fact is the title makes it sound like its the whole world when its not. Do we all just assume that anything on N4G is about NA only?.

antz11044281d ago

@ Turkish:

Um, 360 already had one of those and another is a multiplat. I get where you're coming from but just sayin'.

LaChance4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

Cant belive Sony fanboys thought that Kinect would flop.

So delusional. The laughing stock of the industry.

Sony should be proud of you.

Oh and let me EU Move software is outselling Kinect 13:1 right ?? LMAOOO!!

Fat Bastard4281d ago

I understand why the Kinect is outselling move. There's two reasons: 1) marketing budget, 2) huge amount of xbox 360's in homes around America. I honestly think the 360 is so much more successful in America than Europe or Japan mostly because of Xbox Live. It is the superior online gaming network. America is more social for youth than Europe. I can go up and talk to a total stranger in the street here in America, but when I spent a summer in Europe it was considered odd to try to start a conversation with a stranger. I think Americans love socializing very much and want a better online system that allows them to do that. Europeans are happy playing better exclusives in the comfort of their homes even if they are single player. Now obviously not everyone is like this, but it is a trend I believe. I personally have both consoles and prefer PS3 due to the better exclusives, but it makes sense that other casual American kids and teens desire a console where it is the most fun and social to play cod and ncaa/madden. With Christmas time just past, many families wanted a fun new toy to add to their home that the children would enjoy. What better than a seemingly great accessory for the console they own? It doesn't matter if Kinect has shit games right now, it's something that can be put under the Christmas tree to fulfill the parent's desire to get something new and fun for their kids.

SuperLupe4281d ago

What makes you guys think that its the opposite outside of the USA ???

The real killer4281d ago

It's so funny that 360 fanboys come up with only USA.

stevenhiggster4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

Ford Fiesta's out sell BMW M3's by about 50:1.
Just sayin.

Scary694281d ago

Just goes to show how stupid consumers really are in the states. Embarrassing really shows how uneducated many people are.

NateCole4281d ago

but seriously. An article from inside

ChineseDemocracy4281d ago

I.m not surprised, Kinect is a great device for the casual gamers.

Doesn't bother me at all, I'd rather save money for actual games this year.

KingME4281d ago

@TheLastGuardian - So, what's stopping you from moving?

Could it be that you are incapable of sustaining your own livelyhood and you still need mom and dad's help.

Could it be that you really aren't ashamed and you just simply said it out of frustration? (frustration that you wouldn't have if you weren't a fanboy.)

Please do tell? Mister ashamed? I truely am curious what makes a person ashamed to live in a country because it has casual gamers. The comment in itself simply stinks of immaturity.

Dee_914281d ago

hell it better be selling after all that marketing lol

SpinalRemains1384281d ago

It's even worse how RROD boys conveniently forget that fact.

RSPproductionz4281d ago

why does the title not specify. you dont see titles saying ps3 outsells xbox 360 20:1 and then when you read the article it says Japan. its bad journalism and it shows there desperate for hits.

rosebowl234281d ago

BREAKING NEWS: Kinect's advertising budget with Justin Beiber and other retarded celebrities cost 13 times more than Move's advertising budget.

More at 11:00.

darthv724281d ago

Think about it. Kinect software...can only be played with kinect. Move games are a mix of some move but mostly games already out that have been patched.

What do you think is selling more?

Folezicle4281d ago

These comments are hilarious, keep them coming

Kevin ButIer4280d ago

Since I cant play exclusive sales numbers, i just focus in exclusive game titles... and theres nothing to argue in that fact

TheDivine4280d ago

Motion controlls are a fad. The wii sold because it was new and wii sports and fitness games have mass market appeal. Kinect is new an exiting to consumers taking the wii and and reinventing it. Move comes off as wii ripoff to average consumers, been there done that. Kinect captured the imagination of people, its cool and exciting, controlling everything like minority report and it acually really fun. I havnt bought it and wont until i see more games id like with replay value. I disagree with people because i think kinect is bringing tons of games to the 360 and am excited to see how some of the tgs games play. We still get normal games but now we also get kinect games some of which have the possibility of bieng something great and new so its definately a good thing as more 360 owners means ore games and more third party support.

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NYC_Gamer4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

PSMove needs more original software instead of ps3 titles with support

BrianG4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

I think it has some good titles, more original titles than Kinect at the moment I believe (I could be wrong). The problems seems to be advertising and getting the word out.

Sony needs to realize this if they want higher sales.

EDIT: Below, thanks Hardknock, was not really sure. I adjusted my comment.

hardknock4281d ago


Actually Kinect Sports in the best selling Kinect game followed by Dance Central and then Your Shape Fitness.

Godmars2904281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

And Kinect needs titles other than Wii clones. It needs to be more than the gimmick Wii was otherwise it will end up like the Wii once the hype for it subsided.

Ju4281d ago

I think Kinect and Move are targeted at a different audience. Kinect is casual and thus more accessible. Move is more complicated to use, thus I'd rate it more hard core.

But if you want to sell in numbers and convince the soccer mums, kids need to have fun with it without the need to read a manual.

I find Move more satisfying because of the precision it gives me. But I have to admit my 10 year old son would probably rather play the Wii where he can just waggle the controls - or jump up and down in front of a camera.

I like that Sony took the risk and actually delivered a product for me; but I also think it won't reach the masses like Kinect (and Wii) will - unless there will be an absolute must have Move game (KZ3/Socom4 ain't it).

DigitalRaptor4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

Why? Why does it need that?

Sony are not promoting the Move as something that will change gaming for good. They are simply sellling a tight, accurate and responsive motion controller for people who like to play differently, and for it to be compatible with the games they want to put out.

There's nothing wrong with adding support to existing titles. And there will be more "ground-up" Move titles. But for now, I think most people are satisfied with games like Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, Heavy Rain, Resi5, and more.

Of course I wouldn't complain if there were more quality Move-only games, but if were to detract from Sony's offerings I would rather see just added Move support.

The difference between that and Kinect, is that Microsoft and their fanboys are trying to promote Kinect as some sort of game changing device that will change the way we play games and will be the "the future of gaming"! And what are we seeing? Watered down, casual Wii game clones, that do not bring improvements on anything.

siyrobbo4281d ago

i think sony rushed to get move ready for launch before kinect, hence the weak move only line-up and the fact that the majority of the games worth using it for are retrofitted.

I wouldn't judge anything based on a few months, see how things pan out over the space of a year. Sony don't have their killer app for move yet and for all we know dance central and kinect sports could be the peak of kinects capabilities

TheLastGuardian4281d ago

I agree but the games that support DS3 and Move will be he best Move games for core gamers. I'd like to see Sony have the sales they deserve but I'm happy with how they're supporting core gamers and not deserting them like Microsoft.

Ryo-Hazuki4281d ago

the better the kinect sales the less and less exclusive core games for the 360. Its already showing..i dont think you guys should be proud of that. 360 is turning into a casual system

ravinash4281d ago

I just can't see how Kinect will do anything to make gaming better for me.
With no controls other than move your whole arms & legs round, I don't see how this can be used to play the games I like to play.

But the thing is, I'm not the audiance that MS is after now. Because jumping round is what kids like to do, and thats why this product is focusing on familys.
Great for MS who want to get more sales, but I'm not sure what it is that the 360 fan boys keep getting excited about, because it means there will be less focus on the games they like to play.

Most they can hope for now is that they may get one or two high profile exclusives and the standard spread of multiplats. Because thats all I'm seeing these days.

8thnightvolley4280d ago

this whole fear of casual and ther wont be any hardcore titles on 360 is getting silly coz there will always be hardcore games thats just fact... all there is is the eco system of the 360 is gettting bigger and open to more diverse type of gamers than b4

tony67674280d ago

kinect should have more games than those shitty they have now

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Serjikal_Strike4281d ago

didnt an earlier article say it was 5:1?

hardknock4281d ago

That was Hardware. This is Software sales.

Miiikeyyy4281d ago

3 dissagrees for missunderstanding...
everyone whos dissagreeing for reasons like that are fucking deuches

Tinasumsum4281d ago

Considering Kinect smashed Move world wide we will make it 9 to 1 world wide just for you.

Pixel_Enemy4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

What ever helps you sleep at night kid. Your MS stock is doing just fine

VINNIEPAZ4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

LOL The good new articles Xbox have been getting has the Sony fanboys working double time



"Funny how those same XBox articles can't exist without mentioning Sony in the headlines. They talk about Sony more than Sony does. Can 'Dance Central' and 'Your Shape Fitness' not stand on their own? Oh wait... :p"

Oh the irony, look at YOU talking about 'Dance Central' and 'Your Shape Fitness' more than the Xbox crowd. 9 time outta 10 the Sony fanboys are making the 1st comment about Xbox articles, sad.

P_Bomb4281d ago

Funny how those same XBox articles can't exist without mentioning Sony in the headlines. They talk about Sony more than Sony does. Can 'Dance Central' and 'Your Shape Fitness' not stand on their own? Oh wait... :p

Moentjers4281d ago

good news 360 articles: kinect is shipping a lot
good news PS3 articles: games, games, games, games, games

just look at the latest 'news' on n4g, you see where the focus is on.

Stryfeno24281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

good news 360 articles: kinect is shipping a lot
good news PS3 articles: PS3 Jailbreak, Sony going to Court, GT5 Lack of appeal


ravinash4281d ago

That should be 'Fix'...not Fixed.

Considering this site is meant to be crawling with Sony Fan boys, there is a lot of anti Sony article being submitted. And then they claim their doing the damage control.

I'll just stick to the game articles thanks.

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nycredude4281d ago

Let me guess US only. Yeah without even checking the site. LOL

ct034281d ago

Worldwide, that 13:1 ratio is reversed. I'm sure.

Vegetom4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

Tell that to Sony and Microsoft, who threats the USA like it's the only market in the world.

WeaseL4281d ago

Did they add Heavy Rain, MAG and Tiger to the total?

SuperLupe4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

360 has no games ?

Kind of funny a console with no games keeps on selling more software than the PS3.

If you only play exclusives then you must be the saddest "gamer" alive along with your fellow cult followers.

95% of PS3 games coming out in 2011 are multiplat. And this year there were more quality multiplats on the PS3 than exclusives.

I wish there were no more multiplats on the PS3, you guys would run out as soon as possible to buy a 360. Cuz after your 26th playthrough of GOW3 or Heavy Rain you'd want to play try out something else beelieve me.

Kingmitch234281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

when people say "games" they usually mean ones of significance (which is subjective but
theirs ones that are hard to argue really count as "games" on a console, think of movie games)

x-box has no games (which is fanboyish)- means that it has no games to warrant a purchase, if you already have one then you will have plenty of choice but you would still be missing out on some of the best quality games.

The problem of games for 360 is that once a person has a ps3 and a pc then they are not missing out on much, especially 2011

Edit - also please stop using sales as an indication of anything, quality and sales might not be completely independent but an argument based on it is just false.

DoomeDx4281d ago

You act like the PS3 cannot play Multi-plats?

you want us to buy 360 just for the multiplatform games?
Dude, like i care about 360 having better graphics on multiplats.. Multiplatform games work flawlessly on my PS3.

STiRacer4281d ago

The world not the solar system. Stupid fanboys!

Strikepackage Bravo4281d ago


How do you know its not the world? You got a link? No, well then STFU!

If PS3 is outselling 360 so handily in France, spain, Italy and Germany, then why the F is it still in 3rd place after 5 years?

Tru_Ray4281d ago

You might want to wait until after they release their 3rd and 4th quarter results for 2010 before you start spamming "But-bu-bu-bu they are still in third place". If they are still in third place it is because of a price disadvantage and a drastic change in gaming demographics.

Their place is not a big deal to me so long as they continue to produce the best software/hardware among all consoles.

Microsoft has officially sold their soul to the causals. It is hilarious to see all of the hardcore fanboys getting giddy over a garbage, gimmicky peripheral that is being touted as the future of home entertainment. I thought you guys liked Halo, Gears of War, and Mass Effect?

What happened?

TheFreak4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

LOL ps3 sucks 360's cock and both of them are getting raped by a wii hahaahahahahahahahahhaahahahah haahhaha

tony67674280d ago

your name says it all lool

TheFreak4280d ago

yeah I know. I am a looser like everyone else here hahaahahaahha

Evilbanana4280d ago

can i just point out not everyone who bought the kinect bought it for gaming purposes lol a ton of people bought it to hack it's crappy softwear to use for other purposes

f7897904280d ago

Move is still getting beat as bad as the 360 is in Japan. I'm shocked by the lack of marketing done by Sony. Nobody even knows it exists!