What Google Thinks of Video Games

Google is quite an amazing thing. Anything you want to learn about or read about is only a few keystrokes away. One of my favorite features is the autocomplete function. Google will complete any half sentence you type with whatever are the most popular search results for that item.

I decided to run with this and see what Google had to say about games and characters from the gaming universe. Some of these results will have you either laughing or just have you extremely confused. I am definitely left wondering what is wrong with people when I see these. Could it be true that the most popular search on Google about Microsoft's Kinect is if it is racist?

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xxxAnubisxxx2923d ago

That's friggin' HILARIOUS!!!

norman292923d ago

Its not what google thinks of them, it just takes the most common searches and places them at the top, but i did try this myself and have to say i agree with all of them :)

Christopher2923d ago

Looks like Google is trying hard to find all the homosexuals out there based on all the "is gay" results.

MarioWarfare2923d ago

lmao at all the search results about gay, Are people that insecure that they have to ask if playstation move is gay? lol

SMOK3xFFx2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

lol the Same thing works for EA.

lol and the Microsoft/Sony search results are even funnier.

DoomeDx2923d ago


Microsoft is Gay/Stupid/ Dying

Sony is the best.


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The story is too old to be commented.