Game Sales Down 6% For The Second Straight Year


"Our hobby is dying. You read that right. You see game sales are down, and not just this one time. Second year in a row! No way could it be related to the fact that 2010 was not lighting it up with hit after hit. Let’s reserve our sky is falling attitude until the end of 2011. If sales are down after this years lineup, then maybe my predictions of global financial collapse are accurate."

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BlackBusterCritic2929d ago

Maybe for console game sales, but not PC game sales. =)

deadreckoning6662929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Its the economy :/

cakeisalie2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Pc games are going quite strong, however retail is not where its at. Its the digital market which has been booming.

When Indie games like Torch light can cross 500,000 copies sold in a matter of months.

Amnesia within 4 months sold 200,000 copies. Few more sales on Steam and it will end up crossing 500,000 easily. However it doesnt stop there it keeps selling.

Thats the main point with digital at the moment. When games come to retail, if they dont sell within the first few weeks they bomb and are removed from the shelf, later the developer/ publisher have to recall the copies from the market. However with digital even if the game is selling slow, they can always give it a boost by giving it some discount on networks like Steam or D2D. This ensures continuous sales way beyond the period of the initial launch.

Hence where Console released titles hit retail and die out after some weeks, PC titles keep selling on digital.

BldyShdw2929d ago

Are PC game sales much more than consoles? I would think if you were comparing PC to the entire PS3/Wii/360 sales it couldnt be much more...of course this is just an assumtion.

GSpartan7772929d ago

No. PC games in general do not reach the million mark. Some are lucky to even get passed 100K. There are a few exceptions such as Blizzard's games and others but for most part not as much compared to the console games.

Ryudo2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )


It depends what you mean by game sales, PC games aren't sold the same way as console games are most of the time.

For example Zynga creators of FarmVille are now worth more then EA and all there games are free.

Difference is they charge for Micro-transactions. There's also plenty of free MMORPG's on the PC platform also making massive amounts of money the same way.

So PC games not selling is totally untrue considering the market is extremely profitable just though different means.

GSpartan7772928d ago


You are talking about a whole different thing. I'm talking about game sales for games you actually have to buy in order to play. Like pretty much every game on steam and those that are not MMO's.

Obviously the free game + micro transaction has proven to be profitable, I will not deny that, for most MMO but than again you do not have to throw in a cent for those games.

Chaos232929d ago

HEY BLACKBUSTER umm yeah PC Also read the title! (game slaes) meaing pc and consoles ! =)

Substance1012928d ago

Nope they are only counting physical copies sold, bulk of PC sales are digital.

R-L-A-George2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

LOL, I made a comment in the right and wrong place. I'm the second commenter on the full story/source page.(its awaiting moderation)

I kind of noticed that people these days are doing the same thing that they did to animation.

I brought my DS to a appointment. I was sitting there just minding my own business, when this prick of a lady was talking to me like a little kid and pretend to give a crap, asking me; "What game are you playing". I was annoyed, trying very hard not to commit an act of violence(happily I didn't). I was 21(also looked under-aged) then and I'm almost 22 now. It kind of shows that people are that shallow these days.

StbI9902929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

What?, not for being a troller, but ur avatar fit u just right.

R-L-A-George2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

LOL, yeah its cute and only temparary. I have poor choices in avatars and I do have a tendency to be childish.

I guess its because, I get treated like "I'm the lower species" quite a bit around my family.

Plus, I'm a woman.

StbI9902928d ago

Lol, there u go then.

@Jimmy, u mean brotha xD

therapist2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

his point was valid, pc sales are on the rise, starcraft 2, wow cata, and civ 5 all launched this year, steam just hit over 30 million subs, nvidia shipped its 1 BILLIONTH Gaming GPU ,( more hardwre than all of this and last gen's consoles combined) so yes consoles are declining, they are 5,6 years old now,ancient history by tech specs, the next iphone in september will be as powerful as the 360.

Make a new console this year or GTFO
you have NOTHING after gears.
PS3 you got 1 year left ...maybe

GSpartan7772928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft are exceptions when it comes to PC gaming sales because of their huge fan base. Other games are lucky to sell over 100K. Civ5 sales for the PC were never released but based on steam number, the game never went passed Counter-Strike source which peaks at 70K daily.

Steam reaching 25million subscribers is like Sony telling us PSN has 60 million subscribers. It doesn't count multiple and banned accounts. Their max user per day reaches at most 3 million. <- Yeah I do indeed check since I'm also a PC gamer and go on steam almost every day.

NVIDIA GeForce GPU is used for more than just gaming.

This news has nothing to do with PC games sales as it does not have any affect on console games.

R-L-A-George2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

@Therapist There will be the 3DS.(Definitely not an diversion)

Sony and Microsoft have been producing things called diversions to keep gamers satisfied; Move and Kinect. The new consoles might not be out until 2014(rough guess).

starchild2929d ago

I think we will see a new console by 2012.

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