Black Ops Mythbusters Episode 3

Defendthehouse doesn’t take a step back and keeps producing Black Ops MythBuster videos. Today we have the third episode of the Black Ops Mythbusters series.

The second group to make Black Ops MythBusters videos is EliteKnight and Earthodox. They’ve been at it as well and have produced up to 6 videos so far. Below you will find the 6th episode of season 1. To see the other 5 videos, you can have a look at their YouTube channel.

Here you have a list of all the myths you’ll see in the third episode of Defendthehouse’s Black Ops MythBusters video:

You can survive a fall by landing on another player?
You can kill yourself with a Tomahawk?
Mortars can destroy aircraft?
You can stick explosive bolts to care packages?
You can kill yourself with a SAM Turret?
What If it hits a wall? (The SAM Turret that is)
Smoke and Gas Grenades disappear in puddles?
You can shoot down the rocket on Launch?

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Suga Shane2838d ago

First we get a 5 year old news article about PS3 clusters and now this video that is over a month old. I guess if you haven't read it it's still news but new info must be hiding somewhere.

Simco8762838d ago

can't agree more. Just get a sub to Defend the House my god

CodCom2838d ago

Did you even read anything about this submission before commenting? If you did, you would read that there is a second group making videos. Meaning there is a second video and not just Defendthehouse's.

KillerBBs2838d ago

OMG this game is horrible! This and Gears are the only two games were you can shoot someone in the back and they can turn around and kill you first. This title is broken... having a jump on someone means nothing!

The only myth I am currious about is: Was Treyarch on speed when they coded this game?

CodCom2838d ago

The Defendthehouse video is just 1 of the 2 videos in that article by the way.

CodCom2838d ago

Thank you for submitting this Fwinks :)

KillerBBs2837d ago

Here's a myth. Why is it so hard to kill someone with lag?