Dear Microsoft, Some Ideas For Xbox 360 Improvement

360 Sync: "Dear Microsoft,

As an avid user of the Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE, I am proposing a few ideas to help improve the system. Can we please get some of the following updates in the near future on the Xbox 360"

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Kran2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

1. Yes
2. Maybe
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. Yes
6. Yes

I say Maybe on the friends list one because: Those with 100 friends. I mean seriously? Its not like you talk to them all. I mean I removed like 10 of my friends because I aint spoken to them in months. I honestly think, at this moment in time, 100 is enough. Sorry. But ill support by giving you an approval :)

Perjoss2929d ago

it depends what you consider a friend.

I can see some people using their friends list for adding anyone they have played a game with and they didn't act like a jerk and actually engaged in team play.

ComboBreaker2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

8. A Platinum Service ($80) to get rid of all the ads.

Kran2929d ago

I have nearly 300 subscribers on Youtube on Nave360 channel.

I get people sending me a F/R just because im "that guy from that video" LIKE WTF?

Kurt Russell2929d ago

i want less features and a lower years subscription cost. I don't use anything apart from downloading DLC content and Arcade games (which I pay for separately). I am tired of my dash board advertisements and as much as I want to bang Keeley Hazel - she can fuck off with her Lynx/Axe adverts.

ATiElite2929d ago

How about some more AAA EXCLUSIVE GAMES. You know the type of games that are very well made but only available on the 360. Multi-plats are cool but ummmm EXCLUSIVES are better.


All i want is a halo 4 this year.I know i will get loads of disagrees but i dont care, i luv halo...I get killzone 3 on my ps3 and halo 4 on my 360.I will b one happy FPS fan this year. I know my comment is a bit off topic but a halo 4 can improve the 360 line up this year.

Calm Down Sunshine2929d ago

I think a game where the main character is a tea bag, and you've got to avoid falling in to a cup of boiled water, could improve the line-up this year.

Less adverts, and a browser please.

lazysey2928d ago


wait so you've made it to 15th prestige already?

Dylantalon12929d ago

they need to make a powerful and reliable system with free xbl while releasing a lot of core games for majority of their fanbase

Baka-akaB2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

"how can we be expected to only have 100 friends?"

uh ? out of those 100 how many are even actual friends ? i dont mind if the list can expand , i dont care ... but the word seems quite abused here

Anyway my "useful feature" would be being able to remove stuff like the avatars , and actually truly see the theme i'm using

MGRogue20172929d ago

Internet Browser.. I'm still waiting for it.

lordkemp0072929d ago


A browser would be a splendid addition.
I use mine on PS3 to mainly peruse Scandinavian websites.

The downside is i have nearly made myself go blind but on the upside i now have arms like Popeye.

Bucky Sligo2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Apparently the xbox does have an internet browser. You just connect to your PC through media center and viola! I never used it though. And I personally feel that a browser on a console is useless, I just browse on my PC.

internalbit2928d ago

Yeah just like cross game chat on a console is useless right?

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