Fruit Ninja: a CES Shoutout and #1 on Windows Phone 7

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas over the weekend, and Brisbane’s own Halfbrick was given an honourable mention at Microsoft’s keynote press conference. During their keynote, which was live streamed across the internet to millions, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer mentioned Halfbrick’s enormously successful title Fruit Ninja a number of times. Matt from Drop Bear Gaming is sure that will help boost their sales which already place them as the #1 highest-selling title for Windows Phone 7.

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aviator1892834d ago

Best game on windows phone 7 at the moment! Great to play when you're bored.

Mundo2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

I disagree, ilomilo is the best but it's fun to have choices.

HolyOrangeCows2833d ago

Played this on a friend's non-Windows phone. Pretty fun distraction.

asmerith2833d ago

It's a pretty top game, it didn't surprise me that it would nail the number one spot. I have it on my android phone, so its good to see Halfbrick getting on all the mobile phone platforms

mcstorm2833d ago

Very good game downloaded it for my HD7 and works very well but there are alot more good and new IP games on WP7 that MS should be showing off.

But have to give it to MS they have got it right with WP7 and are going in the right diretion with the phone. I think by this time next year we will be seeing alot more WP7 phones in the hands of people esp if Nokia decide to make a WP7.