NEOGEO Network Review Wrap-Up (PlayStation Network)- Gameplaybook

Ten classic Neo-Geo games recently saw a re-release on PSN, but are they worth the $9 a pop? Gameplaybook reviews them all.

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yewles12833d ago

This review's a joke, this snippet from SS:

"Granted, it could’ve used online play"

ALL the Neo Geo Station fighting games have online play, that's what Network Mode IS. Research, people...

TheDCD2833d ago

Corrected. Thanks for the heads-up.

yewles12833d ago

O_O *shrinks to obscurity after such a cordial response, scurries away*

skyblue142132831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Most neo geo games are great but I think snk are asking too much for them. I was expecting maybe $3 or $4 a piece but $9 a piece is too much. Maybe back when the neo geo was commercially available the price(even though it was very expensive back then) was more realistic considering the high manufacturing cost due mostly to the high cost of materials involved in making the products. But now they should cost no more than $5 max a piece. Especially considering that more than half of them are available in game compilations that were/are available for last gen consoles for a fraction of the $9 a piece asking price for each game. I have more than half of these games(+ more other neo geo games that are a part of "said" compilations) on my many neo geo compilations that I own for ps2, but I will wait until they drop down to $5 a piece before getting the ones that I don't have. These are good games and I fully encourage people to get them if they have no other way of getting these games besides their non backwards compatible(with ps2 games) ps3, but I don't think any of them is worth $9 a piece for digital versions of the games even with online play. I fully intend to get 4 of them that I don't officially have when the price drops, otherwise I will stick to the ps2 compilations that I officially own and the games that I don't officially own I will stick to neo geo emulation on the pc in the meantime until the price drops.