Medal of Honor Tier 1 and Taliban Toys Coming Soon To A Toys R Us Near You

Hi kids, do you like Violence!? Tired of only being able to kill the Taliban on your console or PC? Well, good news everyone – This new line of RC toys will fulfill your appetite for destruction!!

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CrzyFooL2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Looks more fun that the game - bwahahahahaaa


The Matrix2932d ago

I don't understand why they make toys for M rated games. They did this for Halo Reach as well. Are they trying to promote kids playing M rated games?

2932d ago
Shackdaddy8362933d ago

I can see the taliban truck pissing some people off. lol.

jaredhart2933d ago

Are you sure it's not Tier 1 and "Opposing force"?

CrzyFooL2933d ago

You know damn well who the Opposing Force is

Sandwich Bender2933d ago

I'll be watching YouTube for videos of people using the truck for target practice.

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