CES 2011: New Killzone 3 Interview Mike Graham

Andrew heads over to the 4G Gaming Tent at CES 2011 to talk about Killzone 3 with PlayStation Move and 3D with producer Mike Graham. You can pre-order Killzone 3 now for when it goes on sale Feb. 22.

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Killustrious2836d ago

looks like there's a supressor on that StA-11 SMG..weapon customization maybe added since BETA?

HellzAssassin2835d ago

Holy crap, you're right.... At first, I thought you were just referring to the silenced SMG from the beta and had it all wrong, but it's actually the STA-11SMG that is silenced in the video.... You're right. Possibility of weapon customization?

awesomeperson2835d ago

:o simply :o

Although I did like the simplicity on the weapons in KZ2 multiplayer.

DoomeDx2835d ago

Sorry man, there is not :(
At the beta page, you could see all the weapons for each class (When the beta was over)

one being: Sta-11 Silenced.

I dont think you can customize them, though it would be great

AndrewE2835d ago

yeah they added a bit off gear to kz3!