Xbox 360 Vision Camera Released Early?

Apparently Microsoft's new Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera has been released early at a Toy's R Us in Georgia.

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xboxlj5380d ago

Does anyone know where in Georgia. I live in Atlanta and would love to get one. I will even get some extras for whomever asks and sell them at cost plus shipping (normal shipping, not ebay shipping). I could always return the extras.

ACE5380d ago

this cam is hot ,,, cant wait , maybe i should call toysrus ?.....

lol at haha and kingboy sad fuks hitting lame ,,, nothing funny then sony fan BOYS hitting lame lol lol lol lol lol

kewlkat0075380d ago

anyhow where can I get one?

Mikey_Gee5380d ago



Called my local TRUS but NOTHING.

Bastard Canadian Toys R Us

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