Level Scaling in Video Games: Skyrim

"4 days ago the world wide web was buzzing with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim GameInformer magazine scans which brought with them bountiful heaps of information on Bethesda Game Studios upcoming game. It all sounds very impressive. However there is one aspect of Skyrim that people may take issue with..."

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Warprincess1163363d ago

Oh god i hate level scaling. Elder scrolls 4
was horrible for that exact reason. I wanna feel
myslef grow in strength. That what people like about
RPG. So i hope they don't do this.

MariaHelFutura3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Level scaling should go somewhere and die and then be sealed away by six seals for thousands of years...only to emerge again.

The 1st day.......Dun, Dun.

grailly3363d ago

well implemented level scaling can be cool. what L4D does is a bit like level scaling and people love it.

RedDead3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

People don't even understand levelk scailing, ALL Elder Scrolls had some form of level scaling, Oblivion was just the most extreme. In Falout you can still encounter a deathclaw at a low level, expect Skyrim to be the same, it will be risky to travel because you MIGHT come accross an angry ogre

Also Deadric armor will NOT be on random Bandits ever.

Bigpappy3363d ago

Man, I hate level Scaling. It is what made me not finish Oblivion, an I an strongly considering not getting this either. It takes a way the useful nest of special armor and weapons. You no longer care about the economy. If they think I am playing an RPG just for the story and to swing a sword with a meaningless name on it, they can go FTS. May be they should go get the lead producer from Morrowind back, because it looks like these guy lost they F'ing minds. I didn't complain too much about Oblivion, because I see they were trying to bring more of the younger crowd to have interest in the series. But now they are talking about leaving it dumbed down. Thats fine, but I prefer to play Two Worlds2, than a darn action game with a long story. I'll just wait for the next Fallout Bethesda. No thanks to this POS.

ASSASSYN 36o3363d ago

I hate it. I miss morrowind, because it was a personal achievement to kill an enemy that was far more powerful than you. I wanted that in oblivion. Level scaling to me is a lazy game progression method to me. I actually prefer being restricted from exploring certain areas due to the enemies. Skyrim devs have plenty Of time left to grant us an option for level scaling to be on or off.

lastdual3363d ago

Yet, back when Morrowind came out, everyone was whining about how the game just got pointlessly easy after you hit level 30 or so...

Leveling scaling is only bad if its implemented poorly. Proper scaling should still make the world feel dangerous at low levels, etc. New Vegas actually does a pretty good job of it. Although that was Obsidian, I think Bethesda has enough practice by now to get it right.

Tommykrem3363d ago

I sort of agree. I think Fallout 3 did pretty well.
You have certain areas which are hard or easy no matter which level you're in, and some levels that scale with you. That keeps you from exploring wherever at the beginning of the game.

Level scaling in Oblivion was indeed ridicolous. Thing is that not everyone level scaled, for instance if you take on a particular pretty big and decisive battle (Oblivion fans will know what I'm talking about I think) in a high level, almost all your allies will die. Low level, and the monsters they encounter will be too weak for them. The again if you complete missions in low level, you get low-level rewards. Terrible system...

But still one of the best games ever.

swiftshot933363d ago

The level scaling in this game is supposed to be similar to Fallout 3's, so its not bad at all.

Kon3363d ago

Didn't like. This way i don't feel i'm getting powerful, as the enemies level up with you.

ASSASSYN 36o3363d ago

Exactly! I want to feel powerful. They need an option for or against scaling.

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The story is too old to be commented.