Faith Voice Actress Would Jump At The Chance To Return In Mirror's Edge Sequel writes:

"In an interview with Jules de Jongh, the voice of Faith in Mirror's Edge, Jules admits that voicing Faith was unforgettable and that she would jump at the chance to voice her again"

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Warprincess1162839d ago

And i hope EA would make a sequel.
More people should have bought it.
Stop buying COD and start buying fun real games.

danmachine2839d ago

i love the Theme song on mirror's edge 'still alive' its amazing. i actually bought it off itunes its so good.

Quagmire2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Agreed, amazing song. Hope the singer does another one for the sequel!

stevenhiggster2839d ago

You could have just downloaded the theme tune free from the Playstation Store like I did. I loved Mirrors Edge and the theme tune too.

SwilloTGL2839d ago

Would love to see Mirror's Edge 2....

DigitalRaptor2839d ago

Mirror's Edge 2 deserves to be made, and fans deserve to play it.

C'mon EA!

stevenhiggster2839d ago

As long as they don't Gimp it and turn it into a full on shooter. I think I only picked up a gun twice through the whole game. Kinda needed it near the end.

DigitalRaptor2839d ago

With ME2, they have the opportunity to make a really, really innovative game, from the basis of the first one. I just hope they don't gimp it either.

I hope we have a new lead character, with Faith as the supporting lead, either as the AI character or perhaps co-op might be cool, playing as Faith.

MRHARDON2839d ago

I love the pun in the title.....

EfanOne2839d ago

Of course she'd jump at a chance to do it again; it means more money for her!

That said, I'd look forward to Mirror's Edge 2 as well :)

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